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Hazel Prior

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Inkluderar namnet: Prior, Hazel


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Away With the Penguins (2020) 431 exemplar, 38 recensioner
Ellie and the Harpmaker (2019) 235 exemplar, 24 recensioner
Call of the Penguins (2021) 51 exemplar, 4 recensioner
Life and Otter Miracles (2023) 19 exemplar, 1 recension


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Digital audiobook performed by Katherine Lee McEwan and Philip Battley

Ellie Jacob goes for a walk on the anniversary of her father’s death and stumbles upon a barn. Dan Hollis is a harp maker who uses the barn as his workshop. Dan isn’t like most people, but he is a kind and generous man. When he learns that Ellie has “playing the harp” on her “to do before I turn forty” list, he gives her one of the harps, and thus begins their relationship.

I really enjoyed this modern-day fable. I loved seeing how Ellie grew emotionally throughout the book, how she became more self-confident and came to recognize her situation clearly. Dan also grew throughout the book. He is clearly on the spectrum, but as he gets to know Ellie, he learns that he can expand his horizons beyond the barn and harps.

Both Ellie and Dan have loved ones who are fiercely (and perhaps, unwarrantedly) protective of them. Dan’s sister is suspicious of Ellie and of Dan’s girlfriend Rhoda (aka Roe Deer). Ellie’s husband Clive is suspicious of anyone/anything that takes attention away from him.

I loved spending time with these characters in the English moors. There are several bumps in the road here, but I was with them all along and Prior gave the reader a perfect heart-warming ending.

Katherine Lee McEwan and Philip Battley perform the audio edition of this work, alternating as the book’s point of view shifts between Ellie and Dan. This was very effective, and I’m glad the producers chose two narrators. Battley does a particularly good job of bringing Dan to life.
… (mer)
BookConcierge | 23 andra recensioner | Jul 13, 2024 |
When I first read this, the title was actually "How the Penguins Saved Veronica". I think the story re-titling itself and trying something new is actually very on point for the story, and it makes me like it even a little bit more knowing that. Title change or not, I aspire to be so adventurous in my later years and I thoroughly enjoyed this book
LadyLast | 37 andra recensioner | Jun 18, 2024 |
This story was just the perfect sit down on a rainy day, wish every minute of the story was real, heart warming fun read!
mchwest | 37 andra recensioner | May 22, 2024 |
A charming, quirky story by English author Hazel Prior, about an octogenarian, Veronica McCreedy, who leaves her home in Scotland to stay at the research station on Locket Bay, South Shetland islands in Antarctica to study the penguins. I seem to have become a fan of elderly rebirth lit, and this book is a great example. Veronica is feisty, stubborn and even prickly at times but nevertheless her stay changes things for the scientists: the sweet blogger Terry, grumpy Mike and family man Dietrich. She has also recently met her grandson Patrick and begun a tentative relationship with him. The book delves into Veronica’s wartime past and gradually reveals the secrets behind her stoic facade and the locket she wears constantly. My favourite character is Pip, the orphaned baby penguin they adopt, who melts even the toughest of hearts. 4.5 stars from me.… (mer)
mimbza | 37 andra recensioner | May 11, 2024 |



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