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Foto taget av: Frederic Dannay (left, one half of "Ellery Queen") with James Yaffe, World Telegram & Sun photo by Al Aumuller, 1943 (Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LC-USZ62-126102)


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Queens Awards 1 exemplar
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Allmänna fakta

Andra namn
Queen, Ellery
Ross, Barnaby
1905-10-20 (Frederic Dannay)
1905-01-11 (Manfred Bennington Lee)
1982-09-03 (Frederic Dannay)
1971-04-03 (Manfred Bennington Lee)
Priser och utmärkelser
MWA Grand Master (1961)
Kort biografi
Pseudonym of the American authors and cousins ​​Manfred B. Lee & Frederic Dannay.



Found: Murder mystery on a Mountain i Name that Book (januari 15)


2 1/2 stars: I didn't particularly like it or dislike it; mixed or no real interest
PokPok | 9 andra recensioner | Jan 2, 2024 |
While more entertaining than "The Roman Hat Mystery" (the first EQ book, and one that I checked out from the Rexburg library and struggled to get through before returning it to said library in disgust), this fourth entry in the series is still heavy on exposition and light on action. The hospital setting, as well as the corpse discovered on the operating table, are intriguing, but there is so much interviewing and tiresome things (like thirty pages of anti-climactic end-story), that they kill any desire to find out who dunnit. Tiresome as well is the introduction by one "J.J. McC" (a feature/gimmick in the early books), where the individual attempts to drum up enthusiasm for the impending adventure, but which comes off more as a lame effort to make the Queen's out to be more than they really are. The inclusion of manservant Djuna is another wasted effort, the Queen's adoration of him coming off as condescending, maudlin, and a little weird (when you get right down to it). Thankfully, Djuna disappears, a few novels into the series.… (mer)
gauchoman | 9 andra recensioner | Oct 27, 2023 |
While the book is very much a product of its time- i.e., 1954 small-town America, the red scare, etc.- it's also highly entertaining. Though it's an Ellery Queen book, neither Ellery or his father (Inspector Queen) are present. Instead we get to watch Judge Shinn and a war vet named Johnny try to unravel the truth behind the murder of a local artist. After a battle between a local mob and the state police over the fate of a transient accused of the killing, the judge hatches a plan to conduct a phony trial in order to avoid a lynching and get the accused killer out of town (and on to a fair trial).
And this is where the story gets good. In an abrupt change of tone (from the violent and suspenseful first half), a healthy dose of humor infuses the sham trial, as one rule of trial procedure after another gets steamrolled in an effort to buy more time for the accused. The trial's explosive finish, the ensuing chase, and the final solution keep the story moving to a satisfying conclusion.
Some readers dislike all the sermonizing about the "goodness" of small-town American folk, etc., but if you take the story for what it is, it's highly entertaining.
… (mer)
gauchoman | Oct 27, 2023 |
Ellery Queen
As far as Ellery Queen books go, fans either love or hate this book. Though it does involve Ellery, and there is a murder, the pace is extremely slow, and will try the patience of many a reader.
Lost in the SW desert, Ellery stumbles upon a desert commune, run by a religious leader considered by his subjects to be a prophet. From an atmospheric standpoint, the story is awash in surreal description, at times thoroughly dreamlike and hallucinatory. It also dabbles in more than its share of religious imagery and philosophizing. By doing this, the author paints himself into a narrative corner from which there is little room to maneuver, geographically or from the standpoint of tone. For this and other reasons, the solution to the mystery, as well as the conflict resolution, are unsatisfactory.
To make matters worse, the contrived, anti-climactic ending cheapens all that has gone before.
As a study on religion and corrupt leadership, this book makes some good points. But as a mystery, it is tough sledding, and not recommended for those seeking an introduction to Ellery Queen mysteries, or Ellery himself.
… (mer)
gauchoman | 1 annan recension | Oct 27, 2023 |



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