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Inkluderar namnen: Tara Quinn, Tara Taylor Quinn


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Good book with an unusual storyline. Levi was the detective who solved a fifteen-year-old case, ending the life of a man who had kept a woman prisoner for many years. Unfortunately, the man killed his victim before Levi could free her and shot Levi. As the book opens, Levi is recovering from his injury and dealing with the guilt he feels about the victim's death. He's surprised when the sheriff shows up with a new clue like the ones in the case he just closed. He's stunned when he finds out who discovered it.

Kelly returned to Idlewood for the first time in thirteen years to clean out and sell the cabin she inherited from her grandparents. She has mixed feelings about the house, many tied up in the memories of her high school boyfriend, Levi. Kelly left the town and Levi behind when she went to college and pursued her dream. Now, she is a psychiatrist who works with law enforcement in Arizona. The last thing she expected was to get involved in chasing a mystery with Levi.

This was an intriguing story. As Levi and Kelly get into the investigation, they explore multiple possibilities. The notes could be from a copycat, with another victim hidden in the hills. It could be a stalker focused on Kelly, either by chance or as retribution for a case she has worked on before. It could be another victim reaching out for help. Levi and Kelly have differing ideas of who it is and must keep their minds open as they work together to uncover the truth. The conclusion had a twist I didn't see coming and had me on the edge of my seat until it was over.

I enjoyed watching the rekindling of Levi and Kelly's relationship. Neither had forgotten the other, and their chemistry was evident from the moment they met. However, Kelly has her life and career far from small town Idlewood, and Levi has never wanted to live elsewhere. They couldn't deny the attraction that still flared between them or the connection they felt. Both fight their feelings, knowing nothing can come of it. I liked seeing them get to know each other as adults, and especially liked Levi's growing respect for Kelly's abilities. I ached for them both when the case was over, knowing they each had lives that were far apart. I loved the ending and their plan for the future.
… (mer)
scoutmomskf | Jun 5, 2024 |
Very good book with an unusual theme. Ten years ago, Mia and Jordan were a couple. They'd been together all through college with big plans for their future. Mia studied business to help her run her ranch, while Jordan studied finance and planned to make his mark that way. During that time, Mia made it clear that she had no intention of leaving Shelter Valley. But when graduation came, Jordan expected her to go to New York with him. Heartbroken, Mia watched Jordan walk away.

Jordan is a successful financier in New York with a busy life. That life comes crashing down when he becomes the guardian of four-year-old twins. Back during their college days, he and Mia donated embryos to a couple with fertility problems. Jordan is shocked to discover that the couple has died and made him guardian of the little girls. At a loss for handling it, Jordan turns to Mia for help.

Mia was stunned to see Jordan again after all this time and flabbergasted by the news that they were the parents of four-year-old girls. Thrilled at the idea of being a mother, she is wary of getting attached to the girls. She knows Jordan will take them back to New York in a few weeks.

I enjoyed seeing how this unusual situation worked out. Jordan feels out of his depth as the father of two little girls but is determined to do right by them. I liked his willingness to listen to Mia and take her advice. I loved seeing his transformation from business-focused to daddy. It wasn't always easy, but they had some adorable scenes together. I loved the quick connection between the girls and Mia. It was easy to see her lose her heart to them and want what was best for their future. I loved seeing her introduce them to ranch life and how much they loved it. I ached for all of them as the time grew closer for Jordan and the girls to leave for New York.

I liked watching the rekindling of the relationship between Jordan and Mia. The first thing they had to do was clear the air about the past. That was an interesting conversation, as Jordan was utterly clueless about the real issue. I loved that he learned from his mistakes and used that knowledge well. Mia wasn't entirely without fault either, and as they grew closer, had to look at what she was willing to compromise on. I liked watching them get to know each other as they are now and discover that the old feelings were still there. Both were hesitant to risk their hearts again, and it took being apart again for them to realize what was important. The ending was terrific.

The little girls, Ruby and Violet, were adorable. I ached for their loss, but they adjusted pretty well. It helped that they had Jordan and Mia to care for them. I loved their enthusiasm for the ranch and everything on it and laughed at its effect on Jordan. I loved their name for Mia and how it came about. I also loved seeing how their relationship with him changed his outlook.
… (mer)
scoutmomskf | Feb 19, 2024 |
Terrific start to the new series. The story opens with a bang as Sebastian deals with another vandalism attack at his dog training facility. While handling that, he is distracted by the presence of Ruby, his friend, and the vet who takes care of his dogs. He can't forget the night they spent together after his dog was injured, and they found comfort in each other's arms.

Sebastian and Ruby are two independent people who are loners. Sebastian's PTSD has made him determined to avoid putting anyone in danger from his episodes. Because of being an only child, he is accustomed to depending on himself, and with his parents gone, he has no one. Ruby is part of a large family, but the chaos of her life left her preferring animals to people. She has no interest in marriage or a family for herself. So she is shocked when she discovers she is pregnant from that one night with Sebastian.

Once Ruby gets past the shock and denial stage, she realizes she is happy about the baby. She knows Sebastian's feelings on marriage and family and plans to raise the baby on her own, with the support of her family. She knows she needs to tell Sebastian. There is a little confusion around that confession, thanks to some remarks from one of Ruby's brothers. Sebastian doesn't know what to do with the news once he accepts it. His first reaction was to pull back.

But as the weeks went on and they worked together to protect the dogs, Sebastian became more invested in becoming a father. I liked watching the changes he and Ruby experienced as they spent more time together, each learning to lean a little on the other for support. It takes a while for each to come to terms with their feelings for each other, and nearly losing each other to realize they are better together than apart.

The suspense of the story was excellent. The escalating attacks at the dog training facility kept Sebastian and Ruby on edge. I ached for both of them as their beloved dogs were constantly threatened. The trouble intensified with attacks on Ruby herself, leaving Sebastian determined to protect her. I could feel their frustration at the lack of progress in catching the perpetrator, and I understood Sebastian's need to draw him out. When I thought everything was resolved, an unexpected twist again put Ruby in danger. The final confrontation was a nail-biter, and I was glued to the pages until it was over.

I enjoyed meeting the other members of the Colton family and look forward to reading their stories. I liked Wade, Sebastian's best friend, and ached for the pain he experienced from his time in the Marines. It's going to take someone special to help him. I also liked Fletcher, who leaves his police job in Utah to come home and help with the investigation.

… (mer)
scoutmomskf | Jan 17, 2024 |
I love any book that doesn't have a typical romance storyline. Marcus is a prideful jerk and he almost loses everything because of it. Lisa has some serious hang-ups of her own. She almost loses her husband because she insists on having a child of her own instead of adopting. This is a great story.
amandabeaty | Jan 4, 2024 |


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