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The main storyline is that Elle Caraway (FMC) is hired as a personal chef for the handsome tennis pro Nicky Salco (MMC). The two start to bond over the late night dinners (second dinner) that she prepares for him and grow more and more fond of each other during these moments. Can this relationship bloom with the pressure of his tennis career, family and current loveless relationship?

Overall, I liked this book! I found this story to be different from what I have previously read. I have never read this type of dynamic (tennis pro/boss and personal live-in chef). I think the dynamics of the characters are well done and you can feel the angst jumping off the page. The author did an amazing job writing emotion in this book, you could feel the emotions (hurt, love, etc.) of the FMC throughout the story. The steam that came off the pages were !!!

The biggest piece that I struggled with in this book would be that this relationship is blooming between the MMC and FMC while the MMC is still engaged. Their relationship is not built from love but rather still intact due to financial ties. I am personally not the biggest fan of a cheating trope even with all the pining these two MCs had for each other.

I think what could have amplified this book would be a dual POV. That way, we could learn more about what is going on in the MMC’s head, his feelings towards the FMC and better understand his mindset during all the interference in his rollercoaster of a career.

Thank you NetGalley and Canelo for the eARC of Love Game by Emma Rae in exchange for an honest review.
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MollySchmidtke | Jun 11, 2024 |