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NCLA Review -This is the book I have been waiting to find. It links religion with the great mysteries of art, mathematics, and science. In order to understand author Fazale Rana, it would be best to have a background in chemistry and biology, but even without this, it is unmistakable that the facts ring true to the novice as well. Rana, for example, reviews the organization, complexity and elegant design of a single cell, linking it to the case for biochemical Intelligent Design. Working up from the simplest of cells to the most complex, scientists direct their attention back to the simplest life forms, the prokaryotes to see the intricate details.
An international team of scientists determined in 1999 that “the minimal number of genes for life to be about 246”. This discovery along with the discovery of the genetic code represents the most potent evidences supporting Intelligent Design. Correlating these facts to the Divine Artist’s studio, biochemists relate that much like art, cellular design requires a series of complex steps. David Deamer, origin of life researcher states, “Looking down this list of steps, one is struck by the complexity of even the simplest form of life.” A product of abductive reasoning leaves us with the truth (belief) that life at its most fundamental level stems from a Creator’s handiwork. This treasure is accompanied by an extensive collection of drawings, notes, a glossary and an index. This is most certainly a monograph to be treasured by all educated and intelligent Christians. Rating: 4 —MMW Baker 2008, 331p, paper, 9780801068270, $16.99 [215.7]
ncla | Jul 11, 2009 |