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Claudia Rankine

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Claudia Rankine was born in Jamaica in 1963. She received a B.A. in English from Williams College and a M.F.A. in poetry from Columbia University. She is the author of several collections of poetry including Don't Let Me Be Lonely, Plot, and The End of the Alphabet. Nothing in Nature is Private won visa mer the Cleveland State Poetry Prize and Citizen: An American Lyric won the 2015 Forward Prize for Best Collection. She has edited numerous anthologies including American Women Poets in the Twenty-First Century: Where Lyric Meets Language and American Poets in the Twenty-First Century: The New Poetics. She is currently the Henry G. Lee Professor of English at Pomona College. She won a 2015 Forward Prize for Poetry which carried a monetary award of $21,570. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

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I have loved Citizen and Just Us by Claudia Rankine, so when at the library I spied a collection of hers that I hadn't read yet, I had to pick it up.

If you have read Rankine before you probably know to expect her poems to be very explicitly in conversation with the racial discourse of the moment. I did not realize until picking this up to start reading that this collection was from 2004. And as the beginning was more personal, I forgot again until around halfway through I turn the page and thre is 9/11 and the War on Terror and Operation Iraqi Freedom and it was all so immediate it felt like stepping back in time.

Like all good poetry, this is about many things at once. At first I thought this collection was about death — partly pondering your own but mostly the strangeness of death that does not directly implicate you. Distant relatives, celebrities, victims of police brutality on the news. Three thousand people in the twin towers. Everyone in th misguided war that followed. But when I turned the last page of poetry and was shocked the collection was over, I realized what it was really about is the shape death gives to life, what life is for, and what we owe each other.

If you HAVEN'T read Rankine before, her poetry is a hybrid of essay and image, complete with extensive endnotes and context. The essay-like form makes it feel very accessible, I think, even if it doesn't look like what you might think poetry "should" look like. This is a lovely collection, but I think if you are new to Rankine I would recommend starting with Citizen.

Recommended to folks whose favorite non-fiction is found in the Social Sciences section.
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greeniezona | 10 andra recensioner | Feb 22, 2024 |
shawjonathan | 2 andra recensioner | Feb 9, 2024 |
Where Citizen is essays and articulated thoughts, Don’t Let Me Be Lonely is dream states and small moments. It is dark and morbid; it is depressive. It brings you into post 9-11 America and Bush’s America. It references anxieties that keep you up at night. It muses on death. It sanctifies people like Lionel Tate and Abner Louima. Claudia Rankine keeps waking up in a fever dream that is America and these are her dream journals. Her struggles with falling asleep. Her proximity to suicide. Her collection of expirations. This was a history lesson for me and a transport back in time. I was a kid when most of the events discussed were happening— fully unaware of the terrors that go bump in America’s night. But this book transported me there—twenty years ago. I recommend you read this but do so with care. It is such a book that reminds you of loneliness but still reaches out a hand nevertheless.… (mer)
Readings.of.a.Slinky | 10 andra recensioner | Nov 20, 2023 |
A new favorite. A book in the perfect format. Streams and streams of consciousness and streams of experiences and streams of emotions—aggressions, sorrows, confusions. Rankine’s book collages Black experiences and Black resistances along with Black art. An inspiration for my writing going forward. Thank you, Claudia Rankine~
Readings.of.a.Slinky | 67 andra recensioner | Nov 20, 2023 |



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