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Beth Revis is the author of science fiction and fantasy novels for young adults. Her debut novel, Across the Universe, was published in 2011. Her other books include the Across the Universe trilogy and A World Without You. (Bowker Author Biography)

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Verk av Beth Revis

Across the Universe (2011) 3,028 exemplar
A Million Suns (2012) 1,075 exemplar
Shades of Earth (2013) 759 exemplar
Rebel Rising (2017) — Författare — 317 exemplar
A World Without You (2016) 279 exemplar
Give the Dark My Love (2018) 269 exemplar
The Body Electric (2014) 133 exemplar
Bid My Soul Farewell (2019) 88 exemplar
As They Slip Away (2013) 84 exemplar
Among the Shadows: 13 Stories of Darkness and Light (2015) — Bidragsgivare — 31 exemplar
Love is a Choice 13 exemplar
The Girl & the Machine (2015) 12 exemplar

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Chat about... Across The Universe by Beth Revis i The SF&F Book Chat (april 2012)


A delightful read.
aberman | 7 andra recensioner | Sep 20, 2023 |
Nicely crafted tale of a girl who doesn't believe in magic but lives in a museum dedicated to witches. She lives with her grandfather who is currently off somewhere looking for more items for the museum. When a protective jar shatters, it's the beginning of an epic search for Emmi and Puck, a fae (or maybe something else) who appears just as a huge, scary man tries to break down the museum's front door. He's unable to enter unless invited, but that doesn't stop him from throwing knives and worse at them. This is the beginning of Emmi's conversion to believing that magic exists, and a lot more. Imagine time travel thanks to fireplace ash, an attraction to Puck that is both delicious and agonizing, plus encounters with all sorts of people and magical creatures. I'm very curious about what comes next.… (mer)
sennebec | Sep 8, 2023 |
Perfect perfect Han and Leia book! Loved it! They've always been my favorite Star Wars characters and quite frankly, the whole reason I fell in love with Star Wars in the first place. And Beth Revis knows how to write them well. Great banter and a beautiful wedding scene; very romantic and just terrific fun. I love how it picks up right on the forest moon of Endor at the end of ROTJ. There are humorous moments with Ewoks and Threepio, and callbacks to characters and locations from some of the recent books, tying everything together nicely. When the action and danger picks up, it was all very fast-paced and fun to ride along. A lovely dip back into the classic Star Wars universe.… (mer)
GoldieBug | 3 andra recensioner | Aug 15, 2023 |
I can tell you that overall it was quite an engaging read. I pretty much devoured it in 24 hours, which is hard to do for a book well over 400 pages and you know, work and stuff. I enjoyed the story, there was a lot of suspense and the writing minus a few minor flaws was solid. Ms. Revis definitely knows how to tell a compelling story that will keep the reader guessing until the last page. There are quite a few surprises near the end, and as a reader I find that I am pretty hard to take by surprise. So Revis gets bonus points for keeping me on my toes!

You can read the rest of this review and more at
… (mer)
muffinbutt1027 | 352 andra recensioner | Apr 26, 2023 |



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