Beah E. Richards (1920–2000)

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A little girl wants to climb a tree, and despite the challenges and discouraging words from Miss Nettie, she will stop at nothing until she does. This poetry book is an ode to girl power and never give up regardless of what you are told. While the story may seem simple, a girl climbing a tree, it symbolizes so much more. It represents any obstacle girls may face where they are told they can’t or won’t do something because of their gender. One line that stuck with me, “the path of life goes up up/ not down!” is another simple statement that can symbolize and be applied to so many other big things in life. This was a very simple but empowering book that I think all little girls can relate to.… (mer)
BobbieHenriques | 5 andra recensioner | Feb 4, 2020 |
A girl is told to come down from the tree and be ladylike. If you're dealing with someone who's having to confront sexism, this could be a good story. But if you're looking just for simple positive reinforcement about girls doing active play, be careful, because sexism is portrayed, and the girl has to basically ignore sexist advice. So, uplifting, yes, but be ready to introduce your kid to the concept of sexism.
adaq | 5 andra recensioner | Dec 25, 2019 |
The heroine of Beah E. Richards' poem climbs a tree in this picture-book, ignoring the commands, advice and threats of the more traditional Miss Nettie, who doesn't think such activities are appropriate for little girls. The narrator offers encouragement, relating how Miss Nettie hasn't reckoned on the ambition and wisdom of little girls, concluding with the advice to keep on climbing...

Originally published in 1951, in Richards' sole poetry collection, A Black Woman Speaks, this rebellious and aspirational piece is presented in picture-book form by illustrator R. Gregory Christie, and introduced by actress LisaGay Hamilton. Richards, who was a celebrated actress, as well as an author and activist, was an inspiration and mentor to Hamilton, who worked on a television documentary about her hero's life. Although I appreciate the sentiments expressed in Keep Climbing, Girls, I have to say that the poem itself didn't particularly impress me, and I frequently found its rhythm somewhat awkward, when attempting to read it aloud (something I always do with picture-book poems). Of course, personal reaction to poetry is intensely idiosyncratic, so I imagine others will have a different experience. The artwork, created in gouache, is engaging, utilizing bold shapes and intense colors.… (mer)
AbigailAdams26 | 5 andra recensioner | Mar 24, 2017 |
4 1/2 - ok book harder to read than it should be... Difficulty with the flow and rhyme?
maddiemoof | 5 andra recensioner | Oct 20, 2015 |



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