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Pardon My Frenchie by Farrah Rochen
Contemporary romance, romantic comedy. Own voices, diverse. First in series.
Ashanti Wright owns and runs a successful dog boarding business. She wants to expand the business to include a bake shop, but hesitates. It’s a big decision. Buying a bigger property when she’s already maxed out between the business and family obligations is a toss up between risk and reward.
Thaddeus Sims is not a dog person but with his grandmother moving into a senior living facility, he has no choice but to become at least friendly with Puddin’. After all, she’s financing his dream of opening a sports bar and hangout space for former servicemen.
Puddin’ and Ashanti’s dog Duchess, are besties. When their two dogs are caught in a video that goes viral, her business is pushed to the next level, whether Ashanti is ready or not. Spending more time with the buff and handsome ex-military hero is contentious to start but soon the romance is not limited to the canines.

Laugh-out-loud situations and adorable pet behavior make this romance a romping good read.

I received a copy of this from NetGalley.
… (mer)
Madison_Fairbanks | 2 andra recensioner | Jun 11, 2024 |
Ashanti wasn't prepared for all of her plans to change the day she lost her parents. But she suddenly found herself raising her younger twin sisters and that meant her goal of becoming a vet was put on hold.

Instead, still putting her love of animals to use, Ashanti opens a doggie daycare where she also provides homemade dog treats to her guests which are quickly gaining in popularity. But it's when videos of Ashanti's Frenchie Duchess and her poodle boyfriend Puddin go viral that the real wave hits.

Ashanti is ready to use the full fifteen minutes of Duchess and Puddin's fame in order to utilize it to help her get a bigger property for her daycare. That is until she meets Puddin's owner.

I love that this book took so many directions. Is this going to be a rivals to lovers? Grumpy / Sunshine? What's going to happen with the dogs and Ashanti's daycare?

There's so much happening but I thought it was played really well by Farrah Rochon. It felt like my life in that I feel like I'm always balancing a million things and how do you prioritize? The story built and built upon this. It's this rising tension where you eventually knew something was going to have to give, but it's part of what drove the story.

I also like the early run ins between Ashanti and Thad. Thad is most recently out of military service and he's struggling with what to do with his life. Part of that plan involves moving back home and helping his grandmother which then turns into him taking care of her dog Puddin - and these two do not get along - which puts him immediately at odds with Ashanti.

The way they slowly learn about one another, looking beyond the bad first impressions, was wonderful to experience and felt so right. Not to mention all the super cute dogs! A French bulldog has always been dream dog so I loved every time Duchess was on page!

The only thing I can say is that when everything's done, it feels like the story stayed very much on one level. Yes, Ashanti has a lot going on and a lot to deal with in her day to day life, but we don't go too far into depth about it. Yes, Thad is having problems finding his place in civilian life, but we also don't delve too far into it. Maybe it's along the lines of something that's just there. Something that is part of your life, you have to deal with it one way or another, you have to keep moving, so why dwell on these things?

Regardless, I enjoyed the read. I appreciated the light-heartedness and of course the cute pets!
… (mer)
AmyM3317 | 2 andra recensioner | Jun 5, 2024 |
I received this book for free, this does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

Thank goodness she had an iron-clad list of reasons why men were off the table, because Mrs. Frances’s grandson had her reconsidering her life choices.

Pardon My Frenchie was a story about two leads that had a million and one things on their plate. Ashanti is the caregiver for her two highschool twin sisters, her parents both died from separate incidents six years ago, trying to expand her doggy daycare business, and get her newly popular homemade dog treats side business going. Ever since her ex jeopardized her having custody of the twins, her father's aunt is constantly a stress as she wants to get custody of the twins, Ashanti has sworn off men. I get it, with her schedule, I don't see how she would really fit anyone in. However, this was marketed as romance, so the readers have to be thrown a bone, enter Thad, the grandson of one of Ashanti's regular customers and the new caretaker of his gram's poodle, Puddin'.

It was the freckles. A smattering of freckles on a woman’s nose and cheeks got him every damn time.

Thad is fresh out of a fifteen year military career and has a business plan with his friend to open up a bar that would cater to active, former, and retired military. He's not a fan of his gram's poodle and really not a fan of how much doggy daycare costs, causing him and Ashanti to oil and water in the beginning, and especially when Thad ends up buying the house Ashanti had planned on buying to expand her business to. However, they get forced together when Puddin' and Ashanti's dog Duchess, go viral for their cute antics on the live daycare feed. Both need the publicity coverage to drum up interest, which will hopefully lead to money, Ashanti's trying to win a business loan venture contest and Thad's trying to get his new business name out there.

“He’s so annoying,” she said, setting the phone on the counter. Ashanti caught herself grinning and immediately stopped.

There's slow burn and then there is me checking to make sure this was tagged as romance. The first fifty-percent of this you will get next to zero romance, it's all introducing and hanging on for the ride that is Ashanti and Thad's busy lives. I happen to gel with this author's writing, it's so smooth, draw you in, naturalness between character interactions, and my kind of readable, that I still flew through this first half, but still, where was the romance? There's some thinking the other is hot and a little back and forth, but you won't get much more than that. At the halfway point, Ashanti and Thad finally spend time together as they travel to New York City for a press junket about their dogs and promote their businesses. There we get a kiss and bedroom scenes but I'm not sure I truly felt the connection between these two to really enjoy them. Their talking to get to know one another was a good amount of Ashanti laying out her troubles/trauma from her parents dying, stress of aunt trying to take twins, and one of the twins not talking to her when something is obviously wrong. There was just so much going on in these characters lives that the romance was like number ten on the going to get to list.

She found him attractive enough when he was being a surly curmudgeon. She would not be able to handle funny and charming. And gorgeous. She couldn’t forget gorgeous.

When they come back from NY, Thad doesn't let Ashanti have all the other issues cutting in front of the romance fun, the house he and his friend/business partner bought has a slew of issues that is threatening to push back the opening date they wanted and a seemingly innocuous issue that was brought up earlier, really comes into play with Thad learning something about his beloved grandfather, causing some emotional turmoil. You'd think this would all be enough, but oh no, Ashanti comes back in and that drama that was brewing with one of her sisters, bewildering blows up at around the ninety percent mark. Why was there so much added, taking away the vast majority of room for the romance to build and develop?

She let herself into the room and closed the door, pressing the back of her head against it like the lead actress in a sappy rom-com.

A last second drama with Ashanti's business has her realizing that she must get things in order and we get a great happily ever after with her business life and then finally a little bit of time with Thad for a good happily for now (the epilogue does expand on this some). If you're someone who wants the romance immediately, you'd probably struggle to hang in there with this one but you do get some payoff in beginning second half, before these two get busy (not the good kind unfortunately) again with their businesses and life issues.
… (mer)
WhiskeyintheJar | 2 andra recensioner | Jun 3, 2024 |
When looking at the cover you will be mislead, the characters are not white (though that had no effect on the story for me).

Eli and Monica meet before Monica actually starts working at the hospital that Eli is an OB at. Eli is instantly attracted to her and just figures that it was a once in a lifetime spotting of her. That is until he makes a complete fool out of himself thinking that she is a nurse instead of the ER doctor that she really is.

There is of course sexual tension between the two, but Eli has sworn off dating doctors, but that all changes when Eli proposes to Monica to pretend to be his girlfriend until after his cousin's wedding in November. In exchange for her cooperation Eli promises to help Monica do what she has in mind for the annual fundraiser.

You just know that they are going to end up falling for each other and you are not disappointed!
… (mer)
chaoticmel | 2 andra recensioner | May 18, 2024 |



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