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This was a joy to read, as I giggled my way through it!

When Kathleen arrived home early from a trip, she discovered her garage was on fire and her taxi driver told her he would save her one eyed dog. Her husband the politician ran out with a fire extinguisher and another woman with her panties. A picture was taken of this threesome and the most embarrassing part was Kathleen, being perimenopausal, had a bad period that bled through. This gathered so much attention, that a feminist movement took charge proclaiming Yes We Bleed!!

As we watch Kathleen become Kat and become the spokesperson for this cause, her 12 year old daughter is truly the one who is all about supporting it.

Don’t miss out on this hilarious, realistic book that highlights the bond of mother/daughter relationships!

#YesWeBleed #UmYeahNo
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GeauxGetLit | 4 andra recensioner | May 27, 2023 |
This book was compared to Lessons in Chemistry in the description -- it is so far from that magnificent novel, I feel disillusioned by the comparison.
This book tries to make menstruation an activist issue when a politician's wife catches her husband in an affair, but the scandal is her menstruation stain captured in a photo as she confronts her cheating husband. Kathleen is mortified by the photo and its publication, and the ensuing publicity and movement called #YesWeBleed. Kathleen is also trying to navigate the difficult issues with her daughter Aggie.
I suffered through this book-it had so much promise but I didn't like it, and didn't laugh at all. A struggle all the way through.
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rmarcin | 4 andra recensioner | May 20, 2023 |
This book started out strong, very strong. In fact, it was on fire (pun intended). But about halfway through, the book lagged, lagged very badly. The protagonist, Kathleen, or “Kat,” as she has rebranded herself, becomes annoying. Painfully annoying, in fact. The book becomes highly repetitive with Kat doing the same boring and insane things over and over again. She becomes totally self-absorbed and repulsive. I liked her at the beginning, but by this point, I could no longer stand her. She morphed from being a wallflower to a dyed in the wool liberal feminist, promoting any and every leftist cause, like social justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, climate change, woman’s rights, etc., speaking on nationwide platforms and events, receiving Woman of the Year awards, yet at the same time, committing so many faux pas and being caught in inconsistent behavior and comments. She became repulsive.

While she was hobnobbing around the country making speeches and appearing on nationwide television and radio programs, she totally ignored her daughter as she was so self-absorbed in her own celebrity. I felt her behavior changed so much, her character become completely inconsistent.

The ending was also an issue. It was neither believable nor realistic. It tied us all the loose ends in a single short chapter. I give the book two stars only because the first half was so good. If that had not been the case, it would have been overrated at one star. Overall, the book is really not worth the time it takes to read it.
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dwcofer | 4 andra recensioner | May 1, 2023 |
When Kathleen Held returns home from a trip one day to find her garage on fire, her running-for-office husband with his pants down, and a young woman laying on the lawn with her dress up she thinks things could not get any worse. But Kathleen’s troubles are just beginning because all of the news outlets and social media sites are using a picture of her standing in front of her house with a giant period stain on the back of her pants. Society of Shame by Jane Roper uses this absurd but realistic situation to explore popular culture’s obsession with fame and infamy as Kathleen unwillingly finds herself at the center of a hashtag movement. Roper treads a fine line between satire and ridiculousness, but overall produces a funny and very current novel about motherhood, growing older, feminism, and finding yourself at any age.… (mer)
Hccpsk | 4 andra recensioner | Apr 21, 2023 |

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