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Amy Krouse Rosenthal (1965–2017)

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Amy Krouse Rosenthal was born in Chicago, Illinois and graduated from Tufts University. Before becoming a full-time author, she worked in advertising for several years. She wrote both children's and adult books. Her children's books included Little Pea, Little Hoot, Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons, visa mer Duck! Rabbit!, Spoon, The OK Book, Plant a Kiss, I Wish You More, That's Me Loving You, Exclamation Mark!, and Uni the Unicorn. She also wrote a picture book with her daughter Paris entitled Dear Girl. Her books for adults include Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life and Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Her short films include The Beckoning of Lovely, The Money Tree, The Kindness Thought Bubble, and Life Is a Marathon. Her essays and articles appeared in The New York Times, Hallmark Magazine, Parenting, O: The Oprah Magazine, and McSweeney's. She was also the host of the radio show Writers' Block Party on WBEZ Chicago Public Radio. She died of ovarian cancer on March 13, 2017 at the age of 51. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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Verk av Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Duck! Rabbit! (2009) 1,691 exemplar
Little Pea (2005) 1,244 exemplar
Exclamation Mark (2013) 1,168 exemplar
I Wish You More (2015) 991 exemplar
Yes Day! (2009) 943 exemplar
Uni the Unicorn (2014) 781 exemplar
Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons (2006) 699 exemplar
Spoon (2009) 609 exemplar
Dear Girl, (2017) 520 exemplar
Little Hoot (2008) 458 exemplar
Plant a Kiss (2011) 431 exemplar
Friendshape (2015) 365 exemplar
The OK Book (2007) 346 exemplar
Chopsticks (2012) 305 exemplar
Little Oink (2009) 283 exemplar
It's Not Fair! (2008) 277 exemplar
Wumbers (2012) 198 exemplar
Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal (2016) 177 exemplar
Don't Blink! (2018) 129 exemplar
That's Me Loving You (2016) 126 exemplar
One Of Those Days (2006) 112 exemplar
Bedtime for Mommy (2010) 108 exemplar
Little Miss, Big Sis (2015) 103 exemplar
The Wonder Book (2010) 79 exemplar
Al Pha's Bet (2011) 51 exemplar
Straw (The Spoon Series (3)) (2020) 44 exemplar
Awake Beautiful Child (2015) 20 exemplar
Moo Moo, I Love You (2020) 8 exemplar
Papero! Coniglio! (2018) 3 exemplar
Per te vorrei... (2020) 1 exemplar
A Week in the Life of Me (2015) 1 exemplar
Uni the Unicorn 1 exemplar
! 1 exemplar
Orättvist! (2013) 1 exemplar

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McSweeney's Issue 3: Windfall Republic (1999) — Bidragsgivare — 95 exemplar
The Worst Noel: Hellish Holiday Tales (2005) — Bidragsgivare — 92 exemplar
McSweeney's Issue 2: Blues/Jazz Odyssey (1999) — Bidragsgivare — 71 exemplar


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book for very early primary, preschool and kindergarten. A little pea doesn't like to eat his candy for dinner, but after he does he gets to eat his vegetables for a treat.
Brianna.phelps | 62 andra recensioner | Feb 14, 2024 |
Until I read this book, Amy Krouse Rosenthal was known to me only as a children's book author (the really funny, talented author of such gems as [b:Duck! Rabbit!|6124878|Duck! Rabbit!|Amy Krouse Rosenthal||6303340] and [b:Little Oink|6012397|Little Oink|Amy Krouse Rosenthal||6187619]). When I found out she'd written a book for adults, I thought it would probably be as irreverent, amusing and creative as her books for young people. I was right!

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life is unlike most other memoirs. It's a reference book about Amy's existence made up of very short entries of completely random Amy-related information. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes poignant. Many times she shares one of those spot-on observations about life that you've never really thought about, but know instantly to be true. For example, from the entry "BOWLING" comes this reflection: "It would be difficult to convince me that leaning has no effect whatsoever on the outcome of my bowling."

… (mer)
LibrarianDest | 42 andra recensioner | Jan 3, 2024 |
This is a super adorable book that takes a totally recognizable situation--parents making their son clean up his room--and turns it on its head. Kids will giggle as clean-loving Little Oink is forced to mess up his room. (Look for this author's other books where animal parents make their kids eat candy and stay up late.) Another funny alternate-universe story with fantastic pictures.
LibrarianDest | 12 andra recensioner | Jan 3, 2024 |



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