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Mandy Rosko

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"3.5 out of 5 stars! This is a reread for me because this novel I had read in November of 2019 and before I had posted my official review/rating, I had lost it (find out the whole story on my blog). Therefore, this novel was chosen as a reread because I did remember enjoying it before, didn’t remember all of the plotline – which made it, so I got to enjoy it more, and I was in the mood for a paranormal polyamorous romance to read.

What I found was this novel held up all my expectations, except for the end. Though I cannot say I loved this novel the whole way through, I did thoroughly enjoy all of the characters and their eccentricities. Jessie (Jessica) is a complex woman who truly wants her freedom after living a life she really didn’t want, and in doing so she finds her ..."

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fromjesstoyou | Oct 16, 2021 |
Melody lies to avoid punishment from her mother sending Dex back to the lab to re-evaluate his suitability as a stag. 13 years later Melody sees him on the auction block and wins him. She learns what was done to him and will do anything to win his trust and accept her apology. He wants to be her Master for one night. She grants him that and learns first hand what was done to him. Both realize that even as children their feelings are the same then as today.

I enjoyed this hot story. I liked Melody and Dex and liked how the story went back and forth between them. The concept was good. I'd like to see more stories set in this world.… (mer)
Sheila1957 | 1 annan recension | Jun 28, 2021 |
I think I liked this installment better than book 2.
The editing, though not perfect, was pretty good, to the point where it was not on the way of reading at all. I remember there were two or three typos, but was it.
Evil evil cliffy. But it could have been worse, I guess. 4 full stars.
Mrella | 1 annan recension | Mar 8, 2021 |
I really liked this book. What fascinated me to start with was the idea of sunsprites and vampires, and how they might be natural enemies. The first love and depend on sunlight, the latter are wounded and can be killed by it. On top of that, Mandy Rosko created some fascinating main characters, as well as a set of interesting supporting characters. Add to that the fact of two feuding families and you're set up for perfect disaster.

Luckily, this story didn't take the route of Romeo and Juliet despite the many initial similarities. I would have been extremely disappointed if it had! Instead, it took off in a totally unexpected direction, creating a new mythical fantasy world with its own rules and some intriguing possibilities for future sequels.

I liked the inventiveness of the battle scenes just as much as the stubborn cleverness Cedric and Silus showed. The fact that they outwitted everyone in the end, and the logic they used to do it, made me laugh in relief.

If you like stories that explore new 'fantastic' ideas and create their own set of rules, interesting concepts about ways two paranormal species could live and fight together, and if you like your heroes strong and in love, you will probably like this book.
… (mer)
SerenaYates | 1 annan recension | Oct 19, 2017 |

Du skulle kanske också gilla

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½ 3.7

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