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Laura Ruby (1) (1977–)

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Laura Ruby writes fiction for adults, young adults, and children. Her works include Good Girls, Play Me, Bad Apple, Lily's Ghosts, The Wall and the Wing, The Chaos King, the York Trilogy, and a collection of interconnected short stories about blended families for adults entitled I'm Not Julia visa mer Roberts. She won the 2016 Michael L. Printz Award for Bone Gap. She teaches at Hamline University's Masters in Writing for Children Program. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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Bone Gap (2015) 1,277 exemplar
The Shadow Cipher (2017) 424 exemplar
Lily's Ghosts (2003) 423 exemplar
The Wall and the Wing (2006) 262 exemplar
Good Girls (2006) 242 exemplar
Bad Apple (2009) 134 exemplar
The Clockwork Ghost (2019) 129 exemplar
Play Me (2008) 87 exemplar
I'm Not Julia Roberts (2007) 78 exemplar
The Chaos King (2007) 75 exemplar
The Map of Stars (2020) 67 exemplar

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Vampires Never Get Old: Tales with Fresh Bite (2020) — Bidragsgivare — 221 exemplar


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This wasn't as good as [b:The Wall and the Wing|601462|The Wall and the Wing|Laura Ruby||588049], which was the first book. Though, I love Gurl a.k.a Georgie and Bug a.k.a Sylvestor, the 2 main characters. The dynamic between the duo is lacking in the beginning of the book, but at least it is wrapped up by the end. I also love Georgie's Polish cook, Agnes. She is so good at noticing what Georgie wants and when.
LinBee83 | 4 andra recensioner | Aug 23, 2023 |
I love reading books set in the time period of WWII. Then you add in a young girl named Frankie and a ghost named Pearl, whose stories alternate and you have the setup for a great book. The thing that really sets this book apart from so many other of this time period is the difference between the treatment of males and females. There are so many things a female is expected to do just because of her gender. Yet we have a story here to show how strong the female can be and how they rise above the expectations for the time period. We also look at the difference in treatment between those who have money and those who do not.
Frankie is living in an orphanage. The story takes place in America. This surprised me because I figured as a World War 2 book it would have taken place in Europe. However, this was a refreshing detail. Frankie, her sister and brother all live in an orphanage because their mother is dead and their father can’t afford to take care of them. I got angry at the fact that their father meets another woman, whose children are also in the orphanage, and they get married. The marriage wasn’t the issue. It was the fact their father was moving out west and taking his new wife and her children and their brother with them. The only reason the brother went was because he had aged out of the orphanage. Another unique aspect of this orphanage was the way they separated the boys and girls. Girls were required to take care of the dinner dishes from the boy’s side, but not allowed to talk or acknowledge them without repercussions. Some of the nuns came across as just looney or sadistic. The storyline is engaging and kept me reading. A bonus for me was learning that this is based on the true life story of the author’s Mother-in law. A strange book, yet engaging. I will say it was difficult in the very beginning to keep the two perspectives straight. If you stick with it, which I say you should, you will soon find yourself so invested you can’t stop reading it. So glad to have read and recommend this book.
… (mer)
skstiles612 | 12 andra recensioner | Aug 13, 2023 |
What a lovely, lovely book. Finn and Petey, made for each. Beauty lies within a person as evidenced by Finn's love for Petey. Excellent.
Even the 'fantasy/magic' didn't throw me off. Very different. Very well written.
RobertaLea | 82 andra recensioner | Aug 10, 2023 |
Note: I have seen this book tagged 'LGBT' on goodreads. There's 1-2 lines about a very minor character coming out in the last chapter of the book.

I finished this book yesterday and I'm still not sure how to write a review for it. Bone Gap was as lovely and strange to read as the town it's set in.

The book is told in alternating perspective chapters, mostly featuring Finn, a dreamy native of Bone Gap, and Roza, a Polish exchange student. It quickly becomes clear that Roza's disappearance was a kidnapping, and that she is being held by a man who covets her beauty. Finn's dreaminess is more than simple distraction; he thinks he can hear the corn talking to him and he struggles with identifying faces.

I found the romance between Finn and Petey sweet and unique as far as heterosexual small-town romances go. The way subtle magic was interwoven in their nighttime horseback rides was a nice contrast to the way the relationship between Roza and her kidnapper unfolds.

There are ways that Bone Gap reminded me of the novels of Barbara Kingsolver and Alice Hoffman in that it was felt magically surreal, like a dream on a hot summer night. 7.8/10

… (mer)
xaverie | 82 andra recensioner | Apr 3, 2023 |



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