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Claire Sanders is the mother of a teenage son who has had severe OCD since the age of six. She had no previous interest in medicine or mental health and worked as an advertising and website copywriter until everything changed and she involuntarily became an expert in dealing with an OCD child. visa mer Claire now provides 24-hour care to her son and lives in Hampshire, UK with her family. visa färre

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I was interesed in this book for two reasons, a lot of my family history is in Indiana, North Carolina and Nantucket. A few of my ancestors were Quakers in New Garden and I wanted to learn more of the history behind the settlement. I was surprised to find very little written about it. I happened upon this book at used book store and bought it immediately,

The book is divided into four parts, authored by four women and I enjoyed the first story the most. I don't usually read romances, I was after the history part of it. The first story by Claire Sanders, had Dolley Madison visting her cousins. Before reading that I had no idea that Dolley Madison had been a Quaker for a while. I ended up researching her life for a longer time than it took me to read the part in the book. I thought this story was written of the four.

The second one,by Ann E. Schrock centered on the Quaker work on the Underground Railroad. It was a good romance but I wanted to know more about the main character's uncle, Levi Coffin. I am very sure that he was descended from the Nantucket Coffins but there was a lack of information about him. I have decided to buy a book on him to learn much more.

The third part was by Jennifer Hudson Taylor and she had a different take on the romance theme that involed character developement. I really like that it had more to do with Quaker customs and marriage. The romance started after the marriage.

The fourth one by Suzette Williams seemed a little out of place in the book in that it was set during very different time period and involved going against the guidance of the elders and standing up for true love.
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Carolee888 | 2 andra recensioner | Dec 14, 2021 |
Join four Quaker women on a journey through the trials of faith and love. Four in One Collection.
BLTSbraille | 2 andra recensioner | Sep 2, 2021 |
New Favorite Genre...

Where the Heart Is Romance Collection by Andrea Boeshaar is a new type of favorite for me. I used to eschew multiple author books, because I felt novellas just weren't worth my reading investment. This book and others have recently totally changed my thinking. The stories are short. Requested on the strength of names like Andrea Boeshaar,Sally Laity,and Carol Cox, I found some new authors to love and follow along with my previous favorites.

First of all, these are Civil War sweet romances. Clean, but hints of the marital union, as many of the couples are married before they even know each other.
1)Sally Laity's Where the Heart Is introduces Leah Somerville, who quickly marries Blake Malone, only to travel to his logging camp in Wisconsin and suffer poor living conditions and loneliness. Will Leah give up on this marriage, or can God work in her heart?
2)The Midwife's Apprentice by Rhonda Gibson follows Polly Schultz, a midwife's assistant, on the Oregon Trail and Gordon Baker, a pastor who also suffers abandonment issues yet is poised to perpetuate those same issues.
3)Murder or Matrimony by Pamela Kay Tracy turned out to be one of my favorites! Megan Crawford is traveling west on the Oregon Trail to start life anew when she falls for Bernie Williams. This was a story FULL of surprises!! I absolutely loved it!!
4)Bride in the Valley by Andrea Boeshaar was written about the same wagon train, but highlighted a different, although already introduced couple. I loved this continuity between authors and extension of storyline!! "Vocation doesn't make a man. A man's worth comes from within him." Loved how poetic justice finally catches up with people.
5)New Garden's Inspiration by Claire Sanders was another new-to-me author I really enjoyed. The main character marries to escape a lifetime of rejection only to experience more rejection. Can this marriage be salvaged?I loved this blossoming/waning relationship!!
6)Jane LaMunyon pens A Tender Branch, a tale of Mary Sherwood, who as a young girl lost her family and Southern home to cruel Northern troops. She holds her father responsible. When a handsome stranger comes to escort her cross-country to her long-believed dead father, will she find strength to forgive, or will she close the door on God's still, quiet voice? "You've made an altar of your right to be angry." Words for all of us.
7)Knight and Day by Erica Vetsch tells the story of Evelyn, eldest of four sisters, all of whom have come west to marry ranchers. Can Evelyn trust her new husband to help raise her coddled Eastern son, and how will she ever win over "Mad Dog"? Words for the wise...""God was in wasn't her job to hold the universe together." I love stories with spiritual truths!!
8)On a White Charger by Evelyn Vetch is a continuation of story seven, but dealing with Emmeline, the sister who has long romanticized strong,decisive cowboys and cattle ranches. She marries her stranger husband, just to find he is a sheepherder, hated by cattle ranchers and cowboys, and a pacifist to boot. Can she ever respect him? A wonderful, but possible story of two hearts learning to trust God and respect each other.
9) Carol Cox writes of her beloved Arizona in the Wonder of Spring. This is nearly a comedy. Charlene lives with her aged grandfather. She has come to support them by writing the tales of her grandfather's exploits of his youth, but under a masculine pen name. When the new newspaper owner, not aware of her true authorship of the series visits their home, Charlene and Grandpa work hard to keep their subterfuge in place. But what will happen as conscience and love take their toll? Great descriptions of the area are included. This narrative is another reason to love this book!!

I received an egalley of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Becky_L | Apr 2, 2016 |
Jack Stewart’s job search just hadn’t been going as he planned and he couldn’t marry Molly without a job and a home for her. He’d exhausted all the opportunities in Popular Bluff but he couldn’t leave the grandmother who raised him behind to pursue a job in a larger city. He would stick to his plan even if it meant losing Molly.

Molly has a dead end job at the nursing home but has had an excellent recommendation to a larger children’s hospital in the state capitol. She can’t leave Jack and he won’t leave Popular Bluff. She knows that one day they’ll be a family and she’s willing to wait.

When Jack decides he’s a failure even though he’s done a wonderful job at restoring his grandmother’s house and remodeling his former pediatrician’s kitchen, he breaks off his engagement with Molly.

Jack’s wise grandmother and three special gifts at Christmas turn Jack’s heart around. But when he decides to listen to God and go by His plan is when he wins Molly back into his arms.

Claire Sanders writes a wonderfully romantic story where believable characters face some very real problems. They learn to rely on their creator and trust His will.
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VictoriaPittsCaine | Jun 25, 2015 |

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