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Christopher isherwood si trasferì a Berlino nel 1929, all'età di venticinque anni. Fu subito affascinato dalla vita berlinese, sperimentando una vita di boemia, di caffè notturni e di lussuose stanze d'hotel. Nel momento di maggiore espressione culturale di Berlino, Isherwood intraprese una relazione con un uomo più anziano, Heinz Neddermeyer, e sperimentò una vita "oltraggiosa", socializzando con la comunità omosessuale emergente della città. Nel 1933, la situazione in Germania peggiorò in seguito all'ascesa al potere di Hitler e Isherwood lasciò Berlino poco prima della promulgazione della legge sulla persecuzione degli omosessuali. Christopher Isherwood si trasferì a Berlino nel 1929 all'età di venticinque anni, e scoprì la vita bohemien, i caffè notturni e le lussuose stanze d'hotel. Intraprese una relazione con un uomo più anziano, Heinz Neddermeyer, e sperimentò una vita "oltraggiosa" socializzando con la comunità omosessuale emergente della città. La situazione peggiorò in Germania nel 1933 con l'ascesa di Hitler, e Isherwood lasciò Berlino poco prima della promulgazione della legge sulla persecuzione degli omosessuali. (fonte: Imdb)… (mer)
MemorialeSardoShoah | 2 andra recensioner | Apr 29, 2023 |
In Los Angeles in 1976, Christopher Isherwood begins writing his memoir. The film flashes back to 1931 as Christopher prepares to leave England for Germany, against the wishes of his mother Kathleen. On the train he meets Gerald Hamilton, an English ne'er-do-well of Irish descent, who suggests that Christopher take a room at the boarding house where he lives. Upon his arrival in Berlin, Christopher meets his friend Wystan Auden, who takes him to the Cosy Corner, a seedy gay club populated by hustlers.

Christopher takes up residence at Gerald's boarding house under landlady Fräulein Thurau. There he becomes fast friends with Jean Ross, an aspiring actress who sings at an underground club. He also begins a tumultuous affair with Caspar, one of the rentboys from the Cosy Corner. Their relationship continues until Caspar abruptly disappears. Christopher does not see him until many months later and is horrified to see that he has joined the National Socialists.

To earn a living Christopher offers English lessons. One of his students is Wilfrid Landauer, the wealthy Jewish owner of a department store. He entreats Christopher to take a political stand against Nazism but Christopher, as an artist, initially demurs. Herr Landauer's home is ransacked by the Nazis and they lead a boycott against his and other Jewish-owned businesses. Christopher last sees Wilfrid when their eyes sorrowfully meet over a bonfire of books the Nazis are burning.

Heinz Neddermayer, a street sweeper whom Christopher spies from a café, enters Christopher's life and they fall in love. Frau Neddermeyer looks kindly upon Christopher but Heinz's brother Gerhardt, a Nazi sympathizer, detests him. When Frau Neddermayer enters a sanatorium for treatment of tuberculosis, Gerhardt angrily advises Heinz that Christopher and Jean are no longer welcome in his home.

Bobby Gilbert, the American steel heir, whom Jean had been courting to take her to Hollywood, departs Berlin suddenly, leaving Jean bereft and pregnant. She pawns her jewellery to pay for an abortion and soon after leaves Berlin as well.

With the Nazis gaining in power, Christopher and Heinz decide to leave Berlin. They travel to England where Christopher tries to secure permanent residency for Heinz. Their hopes are dashed, however, when a passport officer denies Heinz a permit to remain in the country. The couple decides to travel around Europe, avoiding a return to Nazi Germany.

Several years later Jean and Christopher chance upon each other in an outdoor café in England. They reminisce and he tells her that Heinz was eventually arrested and sentenced to prison, followed by a stint in the army. Jean confides that she does not miss Berlin.

The scene shifts to 1952. Christopher has returned to Berlin for the first time since 1934, to write a magazine article. He reunites with Heinz who, following the partition of the city, ended up in East Berlin. He has married and has a son named Christoph. Heinz expresses his wish that Christopher should find a family of his own and suggests that he and his family could move to America and become Christopher's family as well. Christopher refuses to commit to the idea but promises to remain in contact with Heinz. He visits his old boarding house for a joyful reunion with Fräulein Thurau, whose home ended up being in the American sector of the city. She presents him with the dolphin clock that adorned his old room, exhorting him to look at it and remember happy times.

Closing titles convey that the next year, 1953, Christopher met Don Bachardy and the two remained together until Isherwood's death. Christopher and His Kind was published in 1976 and Heinz, shocked at its frankness, never communicated with Christopher again. (fonte: Wikipedia)
… (mer)
MemorialeSardoShoah | 2 andra recensioner | Aug 19, 2021 |
Durante i bombardamenti di Londra del 1940 il dottor Lennox Collins, pioniere della nuova scienza forense, viene coinvolto nel caso della prostituta Mary Williams, strangolata e ritrovata con una svastica incisa sulla lingua. il principale sospettato è il timido anglo-tedesco Wilfried Ziegler, colui che ha rinvenuto il corpo, ma Lennox non è convinto della sua colpevolezza dal momento che l'assassino non è mancino. Con il susseguirsi di nuove vittime, per risalire all'assassino Lennox è costretto a muoversi tra oscure attività e cospirazioni governative con l'aiuto della nuova assistente Molly.… (mer)
MemorialSardoShoahDL | May 23, 2019 |
Come lo scrittore britannico-americano Christopher Isherwood e il suo fidanzato tedesco Heinz si sono conosciuti e si sono innamorati durante gli anni '30 e l'ascesa del nazismo.
MemorialSardoShoahDL | 2 andra recensioner | Jan 30, 2018 |

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Andrew Davies Screenwriter, writer
Niall Johnson Screenwriter
Ottilie Wilford Screenwriter
Alex Beaton Producer
Peter Bryant Producer
Andy Wilson Director
Guy Andrews Screenwriter
Kevin Elyot Screenwriter
Jim Loach Director
Daniel O'Hara Director
Chloé Thomas Director
Delyth Thomas Director
Andrew Morgan Director
Ron Jones Director
Maurice Gran Creator
Graeme Harper Director
David Kane Screenwriter
Cheryl Edwards Screenwriter.
Marko King Screenwriter.
Daphne Ashbrook Actor, Actor (Doctor Who: The Movie)
Simon Brooks Producer
Chris Seager Cinematographer
Norm Waitt Producer
Paul Brooks Producer
Sarah Waters Original novel
Camille Gatin Producer
M. C. Beaton Author, Original Books
Christopher Isherwood Original book
Leo Suter Actor
Bebe Cave Actor
Ben Lamb Actor
Colin Baker Actor (Vengeance on Varos)
Peter Davison Actor (Earthshock)
Nicola Bryant Actor (Vengeance on Varos )
Janet Fielding Actor (Earthshock)
P. G. Wodehouse Original book


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