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Jack Schaefer (1907–1991)

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After receiving his B.A. from Oberlin College and doing graduate work at Columbia University, Schaefer spent most of his adult life working as a journalist. His first novel, Shane (1949), a portrait of a gunfighter trying to escape his violent past, was a success. Schaefer covers a variety of visa mer themes in his work, including the relationship of the individual to the community and how people overcome obstacles while maintaining their integrity. His characterizations are often memorable, and he has a gift for writing dialogue that sounds realistic. Critic Fred Erisman has remarked that "Schaefer brings to his writing a clear-cut sense of professionalism, a deeply felt commitment to the story-teller's craft, and a keen ear for the spoken word." (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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Verk av Jack Schaefer

Shane (1949) 1,777 exemplar
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Shane [1953 film] (1953) — Novel — 180 exemplar
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Shane and Other Stories (1949) 31 exemplar
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Mavericks (1967) 17 exemplar
First Blood (1953) 11 exemplar
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First Blood and Other Stories (1981) 10 exemplar
An American bestiary (1975) 9 exemplar
Stubby Pringle’s Christmas (1964) — Författare — 9 exemplar
Out West (1959) 8 exemplar
The plainsmen (1963) 7 exemplar
The Big Range (1958) 6 exemplar
The Kean Land (1959) 6 exemplar
Canyon, The/Old Ramon (1989) 2 exemplar
ARGOSY SEPTEMBER 1967 (1967) 1 exemplar
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Shane Livro 1 1 exemplar
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Širé pastviny : povídky (1996) 1 exemplar

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Jared Heath led a line company in the Army of the Potomac. But then they convicted him of cowerdice in a drumhead court-martial, and his only chance lay with Company Q --a handful of misfits and outcasts, all of them disgraced. If Heath could make them an effective fighting force, if the cowards could prove their courage, they might one day be pardoned and regain their honor. And their chance did come -- deep in Comanche country, trapped and outnumbered by vengeful, savage warriors.
CalleFriden | Mar 23, 2023 |
Readers searching for courage and adventure will find just that and more in the engaging prose of Jack Schaefer in this vintage collection of Western vignettes. Exploring varied tales of life in the West, Schaefer shares the stories of exceptional characters conflicted with humanity as they navigate the challenges and opportunities that can only be found on the frontier. From the humor in "Cat Nipped" to the common concerns found in "Prudence by Name," Jack Schaefer again places himself as the authentic voice of the West. Other stories in the collection include "Something Lost," "Leander Frailey," "That Mark Horse," "My Town," "Harvey Kendall," "Out of the Past," "Old Anse," "Takes a Real Man," and "Hugo Kertchak, Builder."… (mer)
CalleFriden | Mar 6, 2023 |
Monte Walsh has never met a horse he couldn’t ride, and Chet Rollins has never met one he couldn’t rope. For a decade they are unbeatable and inseparable, working as trail hands throughout the West until finally settling with Cal Brennan’s Slash Y. Their rough cowboy ethics see them through every imaginable challenge: blizzards, rustlers, outlaws, and card games gone wrong. Partial to pretty women, gambling, and practical jokes, Monte is often on the receiving end of trouble, while Chet is always there to break him out of jail or serve as a decoy until Monte can get out of town in a hurry.
As the West begins to change, however—the automobile replacing the horse, the herds breaking up—the two friends part ways. Chet marries and goes on to become a successful merchant, banker, and politician; but Monte, unable to imagine anything but the cowboy’s way of life, refuses to the end to leave the range.
… (mer)
CalleFriden | 8 andra recensioner | Mar 2, 2023 |



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