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A Hearts On Fire Review

THREE HEARTS--You know how Bazooka Joe bubble gum came with the comics attached? I used to love those, it was a comic for 5 cents. Do they still make those? *searches on ye old internet* Yes, they still do! The reason why I liked those comics back then was because I was 1) a kid and 2) was on a budget. So they amused me. A comic book would rock but this is all you got - a page of funnies.

Anyway, this was like reading a BDSM Bazooka Joe bubble gum comic.

(See, I had a point.)

Long story short - this should have been at least a novella. Too many awesome topics/ideas, too condensed, not enough impact.

This is the first in a series, I don't know if it will continue with the same couple or a new one. It's a cool concept.

This short story had a LOT of my go to things that I love: GINGER TWINK RENT BOY (*squees*), abused, raped, damaged MC, an orphan MC, hurt/comfort, a care-taking Dom, flogging, PUBLIC SEX. Oh, this was a jackpot in the topic department.

But the rushed suspense, too quick ILY...*smh* And was this set in America present time? Because if this was alternate universe, I'll bump my rating to maybe a half star. Since the tags state contemporary, it sticks. What was with the weird police chief villain? Or the unresolved ending to the abuse/kidnap/non-con (off page)?

Wil is a Dom looking for a permanent boy. He likes gingers (can't fault the man for taste) and sees his one true boy in Aiden Murphy, a ginger twink who has a rough life and had to resort to tricking to survive. (insert my happy grin here). Wil got chills seeing his future boy and how untrained he was. He had t scoop him up and fuck him for all to see he's been claimed. But there was a problem - the evil police chief-wanna be Dom. He steals Aiden and forces him into sex slavery.

I hope the author was trying to teach about SSC BDSM with the errors in the way Aiden was treated this because the way Aiden said he didn't have a safe word - made me pause. And the reptition about the Rules. I got the message - it could've been toned down for me a little.

Wil did a good job of taking care of Aiden when he could though the last scene? Shouldn't have happened the night the boy just returned in his arms. Too quick. Ruined the experience. If it kept it light, nixed the villain and just focused on training the resistant twink who didn't know he was a sub? I'd have eat this story up. As it was, I didn't. I enjoyed the main elements but wished this was longer -too dense for a Romance-on-the-Go.

I'd try out the next one in the series, for a look see. The sex scenes sizzled."
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SheReadsALot | 7 andra recensioner | Jun 20, 2016 |
If you are single, this book will make you want to fling yourself off a bridge. My advice? Save yourself the agony, drop the game playing, and focus on being a good person. This is craziness!
A.NovelGal_Reads | Feb 3, 2014 |
I purchased this book several years ago at a used book store and am sorry I wasted my money. I find The Rules to be one of the silliest books I have ever read on relationships. In reading over these recommended man-catching "techniques" I am struck by how shallow and unintelligent these authors judge men to be. I find it hard to believe that most men serious about finding someone to spend their life with would be taken in by such foolishness. One rule is "Don't call call him and rarely return his calls". Many of us are raised to understand that not returning a phone call is simply rude behavior and not a decision likely to lead to lasting love. Much of the "advice" offered in The Rules was personally embarrassing for me to read as I imagined myself putting some of these rules into practice. The reader is encouraged to engage in unnatural behaviors that are unlikely to foster authenticity or respect in any relationship. My advice to anyone picking up The Rules is read it for a few good laughs,then throw it out, go on that date and just be yourself.… (mer)
LisaDean | 7 andra recensioner | May 2, 2012 |


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