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David M. Schwartz has brought his enjoyment of all things mathematical to millions with his award-winning books How Much Is a Million? and If You Made a Million. He speaks at more than 50 schools and conferences every year, generating more excitement about numbers and math than most people would visa mer think possible. David is also interested in nature and environmental issues, and he watches everything from stars in the night sky to birds in the rainforest. When at home, he can be found in Oakland, California. And yes, that's fewer than a googol popcorn kernels. visa färre


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How Much Is a Million? (1985) — Författare — 2,731 exemplar
If You Made a Million (1989) 1,263 exemplar
Millions to Measure (2003) 725 exemplar
If You Hopped Like A Frog (1999) 507 exemplar
Monarch Butterfly (Life Cycles) (1999) 364 exemplar
Lady Bug (Life Cycles) (1999) 321 exemplar
Chicken (Life Cycles) (1999) 298 exemplar
Sunflower (Life Cycles) (1999) 264 exemplar
Bean (1999) 264 exemplar
Hummingbird (Life Cycles) (1999) 254 exemplar
Jumping Spider (1999) 241 exemplar
Maple Tree (Life Cycles) (1999) 241 exemplar
Wood Frog (Life Cycles) (1999) 239 exemplar
If Dogs Were Dinosaurs (2005) 223 exemplar
Fighting Fish (1999) 205 exemplar
Green Snake (1999) 203 exemplar
Horse (1999) 195 exemplar
At the Pond (1988) 185 exemplar
Supergrandpa (1991) 128 exemplar
Animal Eyes (1998) 71 exemplar
Where Else in the Wild? (2009) 59 exemplar
Yanomami (Vanishing People) (1995) 18 exemplar
Let's Measure It! (2004) 4 exemplar
Life Cycles Collection (1999) 1 exemplar
Animal Mothers 1 exemplar
In the Pond 1 exemplar
Mouths 1 exemplar


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This is not just any book, it is a math alphabet book ! It introduces and reinforces math vocabulary, and explains how certain terms relate to math. It also teaches about the history of math.
KamriC | 16 andra recensioner | Nov 30, 2022 |
This book is more about learning different mathematical terms from each letter of the alphabet. Not only terms are in the book, but different math symbols. These symbols and terms are explained and their relation to mathematics. I wouldn't necessarily read this book as a read aloud as a whole, but read it one alphabet at a time. The book is chronologically written alphabetically and that is why I would read it to introduce a unit one by one. It is more for vocabulary usage which is great because vocabulary content is content knowledge!… (mer)
Stephh1323 | 16 andra recensioner | Nov 1, 2021 |
Very great book to read-aloud to students in grades 4th-5th. They will love to see the colorful pictures and be able to see all the math concepts combined in one book. It introduces proportions in a fun and exciting way. The book does not really have a main character, it is more centered towards proportions, shrinking and enlarging, and measurements. The main concept is centered around mathematics. If would definitely read this book out loud to my students to introduce ratios.
Stephh1323 | 3 andra recensioner | Oct 27, 2021 |
How Much Is a Million? is a colourful picture book that seeks to make large numbers (million, billion, and trillion) more understandable to children. I first encountered this book as a child (I was the kind of hopelessly nerdy kid who was naturally good at and interested in math, so this book was perfect for me) and I still enjoy looking through it today. The author and illustrator use simple examples (how tall is a tower of kids standing on each other's shoulders, how big of a bowl is needed for goldfish, etc.) to demonstrate the size of the numbers. The illustrations are quirky and detailed and fun to look at (I especially love that the kids have a pet unicorn!). The author even includes a note at the end explaining the actual numbers and calculations in the book (possibly older children could enjoy reproducing these calculations or coming up with examples of their own). This is definitely a book I would recommend.… (mer)
1 rösta
Heather39 | 99 andra recensioner | Feb 17, 2021 |



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