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More biography and less philosophy or theory than I wanted. But interesting all the same. The last bit in the afterword was most memorable and most what I was looking for: (p 251) "...a reminder that, for all the urgency, we can never compromise on compromise. 'I would be very sorry', he said in a lecture on Green politics, 'if I found that green ideologists were creating yet another god called Gaia.' We would do well to take heed. As the clamour of voices seized with the apocalyptic consequences of the situation increases, we risk producing anxiety so intense that liberty is too readily traded for security, responsibility deferred the 'experts' and their models for salvation. But designs for liberty are just that, and can, as history shows us, become tyrannical quickly.
It matters, then, how we talk about green issues and here Ward continues to prove a helpful guide. We should not, he tells us, be too quick to condemnation: 'our fellow-citizens, enjoying lives of conspicuous consumption...will say, like Shakespeare's Sir Toby, "D'ost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?" Instead, 'our propaganda has to be sharp and subtle, making the cultures of Land-Rovers, People-Carriers, Global-Cruisers and the rest of the big spending patterns ridiculous, and the do-it-yourself culture alluring and rewarding'. As such, without trivializing, we must not sacrifice humor. Laughter reconnects people to one another, to the world, and gives them the confidence to imagine differently; after all, the words 'revel' and 'rebel' stem from the same source. If we are to build truly sustainable lives for ourselves on this planet, there must always be space for oddities and experiments, for margins and makeshifts, for plotters and cotters and squatters."
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