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I really enjoyed this book. The only thing that kept me from giving it four stars was that I was disturbed by the overwhelmingly sexist language of Jack's family. I understand the author was trying to show how extreme their family situation was, but the constant sexist language among the boys and their dad felt like overkill. If you are going to include that much sexist language in a story for this age group, it needs to be addressed at some point.
kamlibrarian | 11 andra recensioner | Dec 23, 2022 |
Nuance, thy name is not this book.

This is the same damn “Freaky Friday” story we’ve all heard before. I was hoping that this time there would be something different because it’s a genderswap, something I didn’t get from Cycler. There are so many issues you can explore by putting a boy in a girl’s body and vice versa. Life-affirming issues like that not all guys are horndogs/killers/rough stuff and not all women are crybaby drama queens. But no, this is like a bad middle school play.

The problem is the girl and boy therein are too similar. They both do sports. They both live in single-parent households. They both have friends that may/may not be good for them. The girl’s big problem is that her best friend has joined a Mean Girl Clique (TM) and EVERYTHING out of her mouth is something snide and/or passive-aggressive. Example: (while walking by) “Some people just shouldn’t wear clothes that don’t fit their figure, right?” The mean girl’s name? Sassy.

And the boy is part of a hockey-playing family of four brothers (who everyone gets into Boston College). Their names are Stryker, Gunner, and Jett. And they are constantly using slang. Like not a single sentence comes out that’s not some kind of hockey jargon. I don’t think they have an English class in their middle school. Everything is “Bro got the flow chopped” and “We’re just rippin’ you, Jacko” and “I could sit here all night, quick scoping fools!” Their dad is a maniacal army captain. And he acts more like a serial killer than a strict dad.

This is like an Disney Channel sitcom*–overacted, full of one-note archetypes, plotted poorly, bad hackneyed comedy, characters acting outrageously, no real stakes or pinch points, and the ending is just weird. I think if you’re going to make a “Freaky Friday” book, you’ve got to have more dynamic than just a single characteristic (i.e. age or gender). Like if the boy was a nerd and the girl was popular, there’s more to be explored. But this, I didn’t learn a damn thing from it. Like, what was it written for? To fill pages? To kill trees?

*In fact, it became a Disney Channel Original Movie, so take that for what’s it worth.
… (mer)
theWallflower | 11 andra recensioner | Sep 22, 2021 |
Oh my goodness! This was such a fun and quick read, I really can't fault it. I enjoyed it the entire way through. Real Freaky Friday vibes but with a totally different dynamic, and thankfully for a YA, NO central romance!
SarahRita | 11 andra recensioner | Aug 11, 2021 |
That wearing the hockey kit sequence was the funniest thing listened all year in a audiobook.
kirankinny | 11 andra recensioner | Mar 15, 2021 |



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½ 3.6

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