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Leslie Marmon Silko was born in 1948 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Growing up on a reservation, she went to Bureau of Indian Affairs schools before attending the University of New Mexico. She taught at the Navajo Community College in Arizona and is a professor of English at the University of Arizona, visa mer Tucson. Marmon has written short stories, poetry, plays and novels. Her books include Laguna Woman, Ceremony and Yellow Woman. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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This book had long been on my list of "books I need to read someday," and when I found this lovely used copy of the 30th anniversary edition at my local bookstore, it got upgraded to books I need to read soon. But what did I know about it, going into it? Hardly anything. Just that it is a modern classic, and written by a Native American woman.

How do I explain why I loved this so deeply? Even when it was sometimes confusing often painful, a slow and tangled read. But the challenge is the point. There are no straight roads back to wholeness, not when things are as broken as they are.

I found this spell-binding. I am thankful to have crossed paths with this book.
… (mer)
greeniezona | 58 andra recensioner | Feb 9, 2024 |
Main character is Native American, was released after imprisonment after WWII and returns home
JimandMary69 | 58 andra recensioner | Aug 30, 2023 |
Her writing is lyrical, suspenseful, and matter of fact, by turns. I first came across her short story "Lullaby" in college lit class, and was floored by it.

Yes, her approach moves seamlessly between time periods and various events so the reader must remain alert. But what of it? This reads like a dream, only the harshness is the lives of Native Americans who populate this novel. Just read it.
terriks | 58 andra recensioner | Jun 13, 2023 |
A prescient and complex tale of interconnected criminal and American Indian families around Tuscon Arizona, 'city of thieves'. A theme of the book is European injustice and violence towards Indians, and a prophesied end of European influence in the Americas.

Written in 1991 there are references to cybercrime, increasing natural disasters, ecoterrorism, water shortages and economic depression, the absolute callousness of the rich to the poor, increasing psychosis among white people. It could have been written about today (2023); if anything it has become more relevant over time.… (mer)
questbird | 13 andra recensioner | Apr 3, 2023 |



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