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Jonathan D. Spence (1936–2021)

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Jonathan D. Spence was born in Surrey, England on August 11, 1936. He received a B.A. in history from Clare College, Cambridge University and a M.A. and Ph.D. from Yale University. He was Sterling Professor of History at Yale University from 1993 to 2008. As a historian specializing in Chinese visa mer history, he wrote several books including The Search for Modern China, The Death of Woman Wang, and The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci. The Gate of Heavenly Peace won the Los Angeles Times Book Award and the Henry D. Vursell Memorial Award of the American Academy-Institute of Arts and Letters. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

Verk av Jonathan D. Spence

The Search for Modern China (1990) 1,253 exemplar
Matteo Riccis minnespalats (1984) 923 exemplar
The Death of Woman Wang (1978) 481 exemplar
Mao Zedong: A Penguin Life (1999) 470 exemplar
Treason by the Book (2001) 413 exemplar
Emperor of China: Self-Portrait of K'ang-Hsi (1974) — Författare — 367 exemplar
The Question of Hu (1988) 310 exemplar

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Journey into China (1982) 530 exemplar
A History of Chinese Civilization (1982) — Inledning, vissa utgåvor497 exemplar
Fortress Besieged (1947) — Förord, vissa utgåvor253 exemplar
Granta 32: History (1990) — Bidragsgivare — 149 exemplar
Inside China (2007) 36 exemplar


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Good book. I found it very interesting to read about someone who considered themself the brother of Jesus yet acted like the total opposite.
CMDoherty | 8 andra recensioner | Oct 3, 2023 |
Neste livro essencial para quem quer
conhecer e entender a China, Jonathan D. Spence narra quatro séculos da impressionante história de um país que se julgava o centro do mundo, foi humilhado por potências estrangeiras e atravessou o século XX em constante revolução, buscando o caminho da unidade, do progresso e da modernização.
No posfácio especial para a edição brasileira, o autor analisa os últimos desdobramentos
econômicos e sociais da China,
a possível grande potência do século XXI.… (mer)
Thacio | 18 andra recensioner | Jun 10, 2023 |
This book shows how China's efforts to respond to her encounter with the imperial industrial powers from the 1840s to the 1970s were an unmitigated disaster. The Qing state made efforts to modernise the economy and military, sending students abroad, recruiting Western armaments experts, building railways, and so on. But the circumstances were impossible. Rapacious predations by foreign forces and devastating internal civil wars denied China time and space to carry out the needed development. In one pathetic incident, a new Chinese fleet was entirely and ignominiously sunk by French ships within minutes. Resistance to westernisation from inside the regime, which as a foreign conquest state was anxious about its own legitimacy, made a stark contrast with the unified determination of Japan's Meiji state-led industrialisation and military reforms. Japan went on to abuse China for decades herself. In a further disastrous outcome, China was taken over by a Stalinist psychopath whose catastrophic policies turned the mid-20th century into a waking nightmare, a man who even today is held in official honour by a regime too frightened by its own failures to permit honest discussion of the past. Only after Mao's death has China combined an era of peace with competent leadership and successful state-guided industrialisation policies. But her traumatic encounter with the imperial powers between the Opium Wars and the Japanese occupation still defines her approach to the world today: a determination to overcome the "Century of Humiliation" and maximise her power to address the world on her own terms.

Some essential books on modern and contemporary China:

[b:Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China|1848|Wild Swans Three Daughters of China|Jung Chang||2969000]

[b:Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China|18490568|Age of Ambition Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China|Evan Osnos||26174286]

[b:The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers|7822182|The Party The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers|Richard McGregor||10863112]
… (mer)
fji65hj7 | 18 andra recensioner | May 14, 2023 |
Meh. Only the last chapter is about Woman Wang. Disappointing read about people living in a county in Northern China. Really crappy era for women.
burritapal | 4 andra recensioner | Oct 23, 2022 |



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