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Diane Stanley was born in 1943 and was raised in Abilene, Texas. She later attended both Trinity University and Johns Hopkins University. Her portfolio of children's book illustrations was creative enough for her to begin publication in 1978. She became an art director for G.P. Putnam & Sons and visa mer later began retelling and illustrating classic children's books. Stanley has revamped the fairy tale, Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter and has also researched the children's biographies Cleopatra and Leonardo Da Vinci. She also illustrated her mother's book, The Last Princess. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

(eng) Diane Stanley and Diana Stanley are not the same person. Please don't combine them. Thanks.

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Verk av Diane Stanley

Bard of Avon: The Story of William Shakespeare (1992) — Illustratör — 1,332 exemplar
Joan of Arc (1998) 1,220 exemplar
Michelangelo (2000) 1,167 exemplar
Cleopatra (1994) 1,078 exemplar
Peter the Great (1986) 981 exemplar
Bella at Midnight (2006) 628 exemplar
Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter (1997) 456 exemplar
Goldie and the Three Bears (2003) 272 exemplar
Shaka, King of the Zulus (1988) 227 exemplar
Saving Sweetness (1996) 222 exemplar
The Silver Bowl (2011) 221 exemplar
Roughing It on the Oregon Trail (2000) 214 exemplar
Saladin: Noble Prince of Islam (2002) 205 exemplar
The Good Luck Pencil (1750) 174 exemplar
Raising Sweetness (1999) 138 exemplar
A Time Apart (1830) 123 exemplar
Joining the Boston Tea Party (2001) 118 exemplar
The Conversation Club (1983) 107 exemplar
The Giant and the Beanstalk (2004) 96 exemplar
Saving Sky (2010) 92 exemplar
The Trouble with Wishes (2007) 71 exemplar
Fortune (1810) 71 exemplar
The Cup and the Crown (2012) 67 exemplar
Woe Is Moe (1995) 61 exemplar
The Princess of Cortova (2013) 56 exemplar
Joplin, Wishing (2017) 54 exemplar
Elena (1800) 44 exemplar
The Chosen Prince (2015) 38 exemplar
Captain Whiz-Bang (1987) 31 exemplar
A Country Tale (1880) 16 exemplar
Fiddle-i-fee: A traditional American chant (1979) — Illustratör — 15 exemplar
Second Sleep (2018) 12 exemplar
Resist! Peaceful Acts That Changed Our World (2020) — Författare — 10 exemplar
Siegfried (1991) 6 exemplar
All Wet! All Wet! 1 exemplar

Associerade verk

Sleeping Ugly (1981) — Illustratör — 698 exemplar
Petrosinella (1891) — Illustratör — 113 exemplar
The Month-Brothers: A Slavic Tale (1968) — Illustratör, vissa utgåvor49 exemplar
The Man Whose Name Was Not Thomas (1981) — Illustratör — 14 exemplar
Half-A-Ball-Of-Kenki: An Ashanti Tale (1979) — Illustratör — 11 exemplar
Onions, Onions (1981) — Illustratör — 8 exemplar


Allmänna fakta

Vedertaget namn
Stanley, Diane
Andra namn
STANLEY, Diane Zuromskis
Abilene, Texas, USA
Abilene, Texas, USA
New York, New York, USA
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Trinity University (BA|1965)
Johns Hopkins University (MA|1970)
Edinburgh College of Art
Children's Book Author
Children's Book Illustrator
Medical Illustrator
Art Director
graphic designer
Stanley, Fay (mother)
Vennema, Peter (husband)
Dell Publishing
G. P. Putnam's Sons
Coward, McCann & Geoghegan
Priser och utmärkelser
Orbis Pictus Award (1992)
Boston Globe - Horn Book Award (1997)
Golden Kite Award (1987)
Children's Choice Award (1979)
Sheldon Fogelman Agency
Kort biografi
Diane Stanley is an American children's author and illustrator, a former medical illustrator, and a former art director for the publisher G.P. Putnam's Sons. Born in 1943 in Abilene, Texas, she was educated at Trinity University (in San Antonio, TX) and at Johns Hopkins University. She is perhaps best known for her many picture-book biographies, some of which were co-authored by her husband, Peter Vennema. (source: Wikipedia)
Diane Stanley and Diana Stanley are not the same person. Please don't combine them. Thanks.



Okay. This is a review with two different views because

1.) Alice Water's vision and mission in regards to food was trailblazing. Fresh ingredients and preserving farms is something vitally important. Being self-sustaining is huge. Loving food for what it can be and do is why I love to cook myself


1.) I do agree with other reviews that this book does feel tone deaf. Or at the very least it is not approachable. Because not everyone has access to fresh ingredients. It is freaking expensive to dine at restaurants like Chez Panisse (For instance, it's $175 a person PLUS a 17 percent service charge AND a 10.25 percent sales tax).....that's too rich for my blood. And frankly, the small businesses chefs claim to want to help.

That is a pet peeve of mine. Unapproachable prices for the masses....
… (mer)
msgabbythelibrarian | 1 annan recension | Jun 11, 2023 |
I had heard a lot about Ada Lovelace, but I knew nothing about her. So when I found out she was the daughter of Lord Byron, I knew I was on the path to finding COMPLETELY new things.

She was creative like her father; she enjoyed math and science like her mother. Add both together and combined it with her imagination.

Ada worked with her friend, Charles Babbage, to create the first fully programmable digital computer. The aim was also to solve arithmetic problems with the turn of a crank. Have you heard of "Bernouli?" Yeah, that's a Ada Lovelace thing. Alan Turing looked up to her. Yes, that Turing.… (mer)
msgabbythelibrarian | 25 andra recensioner | Jun 11, 2023 |
This is a great read. The writer keeps you engaged and wanting to read farther. There are challenges that the characters work to overcome but there is not a lot of violence and gore. There is conflict that threatens to turn violent but in comparison to other writing, this is tame. The story is still exciting though. Well worth your time to read.
JRobinW | 1 annan recension | Jan 20, 2023 |
I much prefer the newer graphic novel about Joan of Arc.
This is just too much information.
melodyreads | 15 andra recensioner | Jan 7, 2023 |



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