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New Jersey, USA
University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Journalistic Studies/English)
GSHW Horror Writers Association
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Reporter turned novelist out of love for science fiction, especially influenced by Isaac Asimov for novel What Are You Made Of? Interest in paranormal suspense inspired novel, Blood Web, a continuing series featuring Caitlin Diggs.



MAN, what is it about humans greedy nature? I loved the story but I was sad for everyone that played by the rules. I felt bad for the boy who was displaced by a hurricane and when he found a crystal necklace in a cave placed it on and went to do its bidding. No one could believe the gruesome deaths occurring in the South nor to strange tale of the necklace. Others sought to use the power of the crystal to gain world dominance. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!
HOTCHA | 3 andra recensioner | Mar 10, 2018 |
I love science-fiction. Since I read "I Robot" by Isaac Asimov when I was nine years old, I have been hooked on this genre. And this particular book is a masterpiece. In certain moments, it remainded me of "2001", by Arthur C. Clarke and his intelligent computer "HAL". In other moments, some pieces of the "I Robot" stories came back to life. But Mr. Gary Starta has his own style, and he is destined to be among the greatest names in science-fiction literature. The plot is simple and his description of the characters and the environment of the new planet is so rich that he make us cheer for our heroes and participate in his fiction as if we were there, living the moment. Detective Sam Benson investigates a series of murders that are happening at the new planet being colonized by Earth. His prejudice against androids is well known and the plot develops in a very interesting way.
This is the first book I read from Mr. Gary and it was a very pleasant experience. I intend to read all his already published work.
This is a "must have" book in the library of any serious reader that appreciates science-fiction.

This book was written by Gary Starta and it was published in 2010 by Gypsy Shadow Publishing Co. and Pump Up Your Book was kind enough to provide me a copy for reviewing through their Virtual Book Tour Program. Thanks, Mr. Gary Starta!
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rmattos | Jan 23, 2016 |
Great Second Book!

Book 2 of the Caitlin Diggs series brings the reader into the story right away. It's a well-written intense thriller as Diggs tries to stop her enemy, an enemy of humankind. Diggs has to focus on the new case, after a prominent suicide, but she still is dealing with her lover's death. It's a form of black magic that waves its powers the humans, and Diggs needs to stop it. This book was gripping from the first chapter, and it led me all the way to the end, in almost one sitting. I love a story where it makes sense with the mixture of thriller, suspense and hint of sci-fi. Starta is the author to keep an eye on, as his stories make a great impact.… (mer)
amyshan | Jan 5, 2016 |
Burnham, Lorelei and Finch make a great trio at the center of this off-beat zombie novel. Dialog is cool and convincing, with a nice rendition of Finch’s English accent. The plotline is intriguing, from a “vice cop ingesting illegal pills” to a reanimated corpse endeavoring to remain sane. Plus there are some pleasingly thought-provoking twists – who is to blame for addiction; is reanimation is a betrayal of faith; or even what defines the better man?

There’s plenty of internal dialog in this tale, slowing the pace perhaps, but adding convincing depth to both good guys and bad. Meanwhile the mad scientist, who’d be equally at home in a James Bond movie, is surpassed only by the evils of corporate greed. Best of all are the mysteries, for evil or for good, or for compulsion – to consume, to experience, to help... And there are cats.

Dead Market starts with a cool premise and works its way to a pitch-perfect conclusion. A few less-than-convincing steps are easily outweighed by surprises and hidden depths. I really enjoyed this novel.

Disclosure: I was given a free ecopy and I offer my honest review.
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SheilaDeeth | Sep 8, 2015 |


½ 2.4

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