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The Peter Pan and Neverland of the stories we grew up with have long since changed. We meet Winnie (great-grandaughter of Wendy Darling) just before her 18th birthday as her mother's paranoia has hit an all-time high. Winnie's mother has told her for years that on her 18th birthday, Peter Pan will come to steal her away and when she's returned, her sanity will likely not come back with her.

This story ages up all of the lost boys to 18+ (think more fae that stopped counting the years). Neverland has darkened over the years, as has its leader Peter Pan. He's sure that one of the women in the Darling family will have the answer he needs regardless of the cost. Winnie has a different plan to ensure she doesn't unravel like her mother and grandmother before her.

I totally get why this series may not be for everyone, but boy was it sure for me. The spice in this is definitely prominent (with many scenes living rent-free in my head weeks later). While Winnie may be an 18 year old girl, she has her mind set on survival only to find that the "Lost Boys" aren't much different than the boys from her world.

I read the first 3/4 in this series within 4 days of each other (after having to run back to the store to get the next too). These are also very quick reads coming in at around 200 pages.
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Nlwilson607 | 16 andra recensioner | Jul 2, 2024 |
Nikki didn’t disappoint on this what I thought the cliffhanger in book two was indeed what happened. I still love Kas, Bash, Vane and Peter Pan but the new character or Roc was amazing too. There is multiple POVs in here but not hard to keep up they each essentially pick up where the last ended but not to the point if there was extensive time that passed since you last read their pov that you are lost. Nikki announced before this once released there would be a fourth and final book so it ends in another cliffhanger but nothing too bad.… (mer)
kianas_smuttylibrary | 6 andra recensioner | May 17, 2024 |
Good Reading

This was overall a great book and retelling. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 was because it didn’t call to my soul. Vane surprised me and may be my favorite we will see if the next book is just as good if not better
kianas_smuttylibrary | 16 andra recensioner | May 17, 2024 |
This book blew my mind. From the beginning I was feeling it was back to how I felt about the first one wasn’t bad, but wasn’t the best but by 50-60% in I understood the time it took to get to where it got. The title says the Fae princes and yes, it focuses a lot on them but as the entire series, it revolves around Peter in this book you get answers about Peter that you didn’t think you needed until you got them.
kianas_smuttylibrary | 3 andra recensioner | May 17, 2024 |

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