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Mary Stewart was born on September 17, 1916 in Sunderland, County Durham, England. She received a First Class Honours B.A. in English from Durham University in 1938 and a teaching certificate in 1939. She taught in elementary school until 1941 when she was offered a post at Durham University. She visa mer taught there until 1945 and received a M.A. in English during that time. Her first book, Madam, Will You Talk?, was published in 1955. Her other works included My Brother Michael, Touch Not the Cat, This Rough Magic, Nine Coaches Waiting, Thornyhold, Rose Cottage, and the Merlin Trilogy. She also wrote children's books including Ludo and the Star Horse and A Walk in Wolf Wood. She died on May 9, 2014 at the age of 97. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre


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Namn enligt folkbokföringen
Stewart, Mary Florence Elinor Rainbow (Lady)
Andra namn
Stewart, Mary
Land (för karta)
England, UK
Sunderland, Durham, England, UK
Lochawe, Scotland, UK
Sunderland, Durham, England, UK
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Durham University (BA|1938)
lecturer (English language and literature)
Stewart, Sir Frederick (husband)
Durham University
Priser och utmärkelser
Romance Writers of America (Lifetime Achievement Award ∙ 1992)
Malice Domestic Award for Lifetime Achievement (1996)
Royal Society of Arts (Fellow)
Durham University (D.Litt.) (2009)
Kort biografi
Mary Florence Elinor Rainbow was born on 12 September 1916 in Sunderland, England, the United Kingdom. She graduated from Durham University, from where she received an honorary D.Litt in 2009. She was a lecturer in English Language and Literature there until her marriage in 1945 to Sir Frederick Stewart, former chairman of the Geology Department of Edinburgh University, who died in 2001.

Lady Mary Stewart was author of twenty novels, a volume of poetry, and three books for young readers, she is admired for both her contemporary stories of romantic suspense and her historical novels. Her finest and most original achievement was Merlin Trilogy, an Arthurian saga: The Crystal Cave (1970), The Hollow Hills (1973) and The Last Enchantment (1979). The first of these was turned into a children’s television series in 1991. During years she resided in Scotland, where she died on 9 May 2014.



Found: Telepathy in English country manor i Name that Book (mars 2023)
Mary STewart Merlin Trilogy i Book talk (oktober 2014)
Group Read: NINE COACHES WAITING by Mary Stewart i 2013 Category Challenge (augusti 2013)
Arthurian Theme read w/**SPOILERS** i The Green Dragon (mars 2008)


From the brief prologue alone, it becomes clear that this book is beautifully written, beckoning the reader into the kind of fantasy world that is imbued with all of the nostalgia that many authors in the genre have managed to capture over the years. The book is cozy, mystical, mythic, and detailed.

The story, told from the perspective of Merlin, starts by doing a really good job of getting inside the head of a lonely and thoughtful child who is constantly misunderstood by adults. It's a compelling introduction to Merlin, a child who knows both more and less than adults might expect. He's precocious, but he has major blindspots, and it's delightful to watch him discover mundane things like mirrors and maps, while treating his supernatural abilities as somewhat unremarkable in comparison.

As he grows older, his perspective becomes a bit less unique, but the early chapters engender enough sympathy and investment into his character, so he remains easy to route for throughout the book as he gets caught up in royal intrigue, war, and sorcery. It also helps that many of the side characters are fun and likeable, especially Lady Ygraine, though she doesn't make an appearance until the last section of the book.

In stories that center main characters like Merlin, it's always a risk that magic gets used as a deus ex machina to solve problems in a way that feels unearned, especially since there are never clear limits or rules imposed on Merlin's abilities. Fortunately, while convenient magic is used at times to advance the plot in a way that is somewhat contrived, it never ruins the reading experience. The focus of this book is not on learning magic to solve problems. It's on the tone and characters. It's about getting lost in the legends that Mary Stewart is drawing from. It's about feeling the power of myth and history. It's about experiencing the awe and wonder within the rich world, lush prose, and honorable chatacters. In these areas, The Crystal Cave absolutely succeeds.
… (mer)
tdavidovsky | 110 andra recensioner | Jul 24, 2024 |
Mary Stewart is my favorite author, and her recent death was sad for many reasons, but especially because it meant there would be no more books from her. Imagine my happiness when this "lost" novella (never published in the US, and difficult to find for the past 40 years) was published as an unabridged audiobook by Audible.

It is short and light, and classic Mary Stewart. A modern heroine visits an exotic locale and finds danger, mystery, and romance.

People new to Mary Stewart shouldn't start with this (try This Rough Magic or Thornyhold - my two favorites), but those who already love her will enjoy it.

When you're done with this and realized (as I just did) that you really HAVE read all of Mary Stewart's books, try Susanna Kearsley.
… (mer)
bluenancyhawaii907 | 2 andra recensioner | Jun 13, 2024 |
This romance takes place in England around the time of World War II. Gilly Ramsey is a preacher's daughter raised in coal towns of England. It is a dreary life brightened only by a few brief visits from her mother's cousin Geillis. Geillis teaches her about nature and magic and pays for her schooling. Geillis is a herbalist who can also see a bit into the future.

When Gilly grows up and after she nurses her parents through their last illnesses, she received word that her cousin has died leaving her a house named Thornyhold. Having no home now that her father - a minister - has died, she travels to her new home.

Thornyhold is a lovely old house with a reputation for being the home of a long line of witches. Gilly feels at home immediately despite her interfering neighbor Mrs. Trapp who apparently wants something from the house and keeps dropping in.

Gilly also meets a young boy named William who was used to helping her cousin with many things including tending to her garden. And through William, she meets and instantly falls in love with his widowed father John Christopher. But Mrs. Trapp has also set her eye on John Christopher and is willing to use her magic to try to claim him.

The story was filled with lush descriptions of the land and plants of that part of England. It was also infused with magic. The language was lush and lyrical. The narration by Jilly Bond was excellent.
… (mer)
kmartin802 | 46 andra recensioner | May 31, 2024 |
This was quite a satisfying little book - despite the fact that by the time I picked it up from the library I had rather forgotten what it was about and why I'd requested it!

I read through the whole thing in a few hours, the writing making it easy to slide along, and the mystery kept me alternately a little horrified and worried for everyone - especially Gianetta, of course - as well as eager to find out the ending.

I won't discuss the ending at all, save to say that it wasn't what I expected, precisely, and it was terribly satisfying, as such things go. Honestly, anything more would spoil it!

I will definitely be looking for a few more of Mary Stewart's books to read now.
… (mer)
Kalira | 21 andra recensioner | May 15, 2024 |


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