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Just Like Jackie (2018) 134 exemplar
Right as Rain (2019) 64 exemplar
Brave Like That (2020) 62 exemplar
Bea Is for Blended (2021) 22 exemplar
The Real Deal (2022) 10 exemplar


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SLJ starred review!
vashonpatty | Jul 31, 2023 |
The voices of the sixth grade characters, their actions, and their emotions are "the real deal." (Sorry, had to!) There's the anxiety of wanting to fit in while understanding in your gut that sometimes you've got to defend others in order to be a true friend. We also realize at some point in our lives, as Gabe does, that we don't know everything about those around us. Why doesn't Reuben talk? Why is Oliver, Gabe's best friend, keeping things from him? But the story is never judgmental, never didactic.

What else did I love? Gabe's parents: When do we give them more independence and begin to trust their decisions? Oliver's mom: How does a struggling single mom keep it together? Reuben's mom: God bless her! Every parent should roll with things as she does and give their children the space they need. That teacher! Those are HER kids and the acceptance and encouragement she provides each one of them is something some kids never get, but all deserve.

Finally, there's the subtle, underlying message for the LGBTQ+ community: You are perfect just as you are. Don't let anyone change that.
… (mer)
DonnaMarieMerritt | May 12, 2023 |
There is so much good in this story. I just loved Rain and her tenacity. She has big problems for which she models effective responses and solutions. She makes plans that are actually quite clever to get her depressed dad out of his room, get her drifting-apart parents talking, and to build friendships and community -- to name only a few. She is an outsider who relates to The One and Only Ivan, yet she and other good folks in her life show us ways to reach out for connection and to appreciate our differences. The gardening metaphor is extended in characters, conflict and resolution quite brilliantly. The ending is happy and positive, very satisfying but also very realistic. I would recommend this book to all girls who like to read about friendships and relationships, and especially to those who run or are in sports.… (mer)
deemaromer | 7 andra recensioner | Feb 23, 2023 |
My new favorite word is bullsharky.

Bea's life is changing without her consent. Her mom is marrying Wendell and having a baby. Wendell has two teen boys and a son Bea's age, the bully-following Bryce. And they have two dogs and a cat. Bea must move from the quiet condo she's shared with her mom since she was two weeks old. She and Maximilian can't walk into each other's houses anymore. She can't knock on Aunt Tam's wall. There's a new girl across the street from her new house and she's a stuck-up, soccer show-off. AND the principal (weaselly Mr. Meesley) is putting up every barrier he can to deter them from forming a girls' soccer team.

But Bea has some people on her side to help her, including her mom and grandma who have taught her not to put up with any bullsharky, and two teachers who are supportive observers, listeners, and action-takers.

You can't help but root for Bea and the delightful cast of characters in this elementary/middle grade book.
… (mer)
DonnaMarieMerritt | Nov 3, 2022 |



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