J. C. Suares (1942–2013)

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J. C. Suares was a graphic designer and illustrator. During his lifetime, he designed or redesigned numerous publications including New York, the New York Times, and Variety. His illustrations also appeared in numerous publications including the New Yorker, Atlantic, and Publishers Weekly. He visa mer designed, wrote and illustrated more than 100 books including Hollywood Dogs, Funny Babies, Manhattan, Art of the Times, The Hollywood Dictionary, Sexy Dogs, and The Big Book of Cats. He died of a bacterial heart infection on July 30, 2013 at the age of 71. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

Verk av J. C. Suares

The Literary Cat (1977) 241 exemplar
The Indispensable Cat (1983) — Författare — 63 exemplar
Cats in Love (1996) 59 exemplar
Stora fotoboken om katter (2004) 42 exemplar
Black & White Cats (1992) 41 exemplar
Funny Cats (1995) 39 exemplar
Hollywood Dogs (1993) 30 exemplar
Fantastic Planets (1979) 28 exemplar
Hollywood Cats (1993) 23 exemplar
Hollywood Drag (1994) 23 exemplar
Dogs to the rescue (1996) 22 exemplar
Great Cats (1981) 21 exemplar
The Literary dog (Berkley Windhover books) (1978) — Redaktör — 21 exemplar
Flight: A poster book (1978) 20 exemplar
City Dogs (1994) — Redaktör — 20 exemplar
Manhattan (1981) 20 exemplar
Socks Goes to Washington: The Diary of America's First Cat (1993) — Författare; Författare — 19 exemplar
Hollywood Trains (1994) 18 exemplar
City Cats (1994) 17 exemplar
Dogs in Love (1998) 16 exemplar
A Passion for Kittens (1995) 15 exemplar
Art of the times (1973) 13 exemplar
Sexy Dogs (2000) 12 exemplar
Black & White Dogs (1992) 12 exemplar
The Big Book of Horses (2006) 12 exemplar
Stora fotoboken om hundar (2004) 11 exemplar
American anthem (1982) — Fotograf — 7 exemplar
Cat Scrapbook (1982) 7 exemplar
Hollywood Doctors (1994) 6 exemplar
Sexy Cats (2000) 5 exemplar
Cool Cats 5 exemplar
Hollywood Christmas (1994) 5 exemplar
Hollywood Heavies (1994) 4 exemplar
Hollywood dogs 4 exemplar
Women of Iron (1981) 4 exemplar
Hollywood Lovers (1994) 4 exemplar
Real Clothes (1984) 3 exemplar
Funny dogs 3 exemplar
Guck mal, wer da ist (1998) 3 exemplar
Wenn Katzen lieben 2 exemplar
Preppy Cat (1982) 2 exemplar
Hundeleben (1998) 2 exemplar
The Big Book of Horses (2006) 2 exemplar
Hollywood Trains 1 exemplar
The Indispensible Cat (1983) 1 exemplar
RocketShip 1 exemplar
Hollywood Weddings (1994) 1 exemplar
Funny puppies 1 exemplar
Le Chat indispensable (1983) 1 exemplar
A Passion for Roses (1996) 1 exemplar
Cool Mutts 1 exemplar
Washington, D.C. 1 exemplar
Crazy Cats (2011) 1 exemplar
Funny Dogs Postcard Book (1996) 1 exemplar
Silly Dogs (2011) 1 exemplar
Chiens (NATURE, JARDIN) (2005) 1 exemplar

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Fat Cats (1997) — Redaktör, vissa utgåvor36 exemplar
David Bowie's Serious Moonlight: The World Tour (1984) — Formgivare — 36 exemplar
The Illustrated Horse (1988) — Formgivare — 11 exemplar


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Small little gem and a quick read for anyone who loves cats.....which i do!..This photo/story montage just proves the unpredictability of the cat as well as the total misunderstanding of cats in general.....very complex beings! Wonderfully complex beings. Great true stories of untraditional relationships developed by cats and others, be they cat or otherwise, all accompanied by charming photos of them being.....well.....themselves! I actually gave it to my grandmother as a gift many years ago, and ended up with it upon the settling of her estate....with my gift notation still intact.....so, this holds a special place beyond the normal.… (mer)
jeffome | Jul 10, 2019 |
Las mejores parejas del cine, escenas famosas
VivianaCandia | Jul 5, 2017 |
A touching look at man's best friend and there heroic nature.
yvonne.sevignykaiser | 1 annan recension | Apr 2, 2016 |
A charming collection of black and white photos showcasing the life of the urban dog. Just the sort of thing I find enjoyable and cannot resist at the thrift store when the low, low price has been marked down 50%.

I think this sort of collection is a little window onto the world. I get to travel vicariously to places and times I shall never physically see.
KaterinaBead | Jun 29, 2011 |

Du skulle kanske också gilla

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