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Michael J. Sullivan (1) (1961–)

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Theft of Swords (2011) 1,739 exemplar
Age of Myth (2016) 1,209 exemplar
Rise of Empire (2011) 954 exemplar
The Crown Tower (2013) 925 exemplar
Heir of Novron (2012) 883 exemplar
The Crown Conspiracy (2008) 687 exemplar
The Rose and the Thorn (2013) 508 exemplar
Age of Swords (2017) 472 exemplar
Age of War (2018) 377 exemplar
The Death of Dulgath (2015) 361 exemplar
Avempartha (2009) 358 exemplar
Hollow World (2014) 341 exemplar
Age of Legend (2019) 288 exemplar
Nyphron Rising (2009) 225 exemplar
Age of Death (2020) 215 exemplar
The Emerald Storm (2010) 207 exemplar
Age of Empyre (2020) 206 exemplar
Wintertide (2010) 201 exemplar
The Viscount and the Witch (2011) 198 exemplar
Percepliquis (2012) 165 exemplar
The Jester (2014) 163 exemplar
Nolyn (2021) 135 exemplar
Professional Integrity (2015) 92 exemplar
Farilane (2022) 49 exemplar
Pile of Bones (2020) 48 exemplar
Drumindor 33 exemplar
Blood of Thieves (2011) 33 exemplar
The Riyria Sampler (2012) 19 exemplar
Rhune 18 exemplar
Fantasy-Faction Anthology (2015) — Författare — 14 exemplar
Greener Grass (2012) 13 exemplar
Antithesis (2011) 11 exemplar
The Crown Tower: Free Preview (2013) 10 exemplar
Burning Alexandria 8 exemplar
Traditions 5 exemplar
Fhrey 5 exemplar
The Autumn Mist 4 exemplar
Dherg 4 exemplar
When Swords Fall Silent: An Epic Fantasy Anthology (2023) — Bidragsgivare — 3 exemplar
Rhist 2 exemplar
Phyre 2 exemplar
The Game 1 exemplar
Nebula Rift Vol. 01 No. 01 (2014) 1 exemplar

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Quarter Share (2007) — Omslag, vissa utgåvor460 exemplar
Unfettered: Tales by Masters of Fantasy (2013) — Bidragsgivare — 387 exemplar
Half Share (2007) — Omslag, vissa utgåvor256 exemplar
Double Share (2008) — Omslag, vissa utgåvor176 exemplar
Unfettered II: New Tales by Masters of Fantasy (2016) — Bidragsgivare — 109 exemplar
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The End - Visions of Apocalypse (2014) — Bidragsgivare — 22 exemplar
Grimdark Magazine #12 (2017) — Bidragsgivare — 6 exemplar
Michael J. Sullivan's Riyria: The Jester (2016) — Adapted from — 2 exemplar


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Vedertaget namn
Sullivan, Michael J.
Namn enligt folkbokföringen
Sullivan, Michael James
Detroit, Michigan, USA
Fairfax, Virginia, USA
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Kort biografi
Born in Detroit Michigan, Michael J. Sullivan has lived in Vermont, North Carolina and Virginia. He worked as a commercial artist and illustrator, founding his own advertising agency in 1996, which he closed in 2005 to pursue writing full-time. The Crown Conspiracy is his first published work. He currently resides in Fairfax, Virginia with his wife and three children.



Simply put: there is something special about a series where the characters experiences can bring you to tears, either good or bad. Few authors have ever done that in my life. First Sanderson, now Sullivan. How grand. Waiting with baited breath for book 3.
jason.rathburn | 27 andra recensioner | Nov 15, 2023 |
It's been a year since I read the first book in the series, and it took me about 50 pages to get grounded again in the world and the characters Michael J. Sullivan created, but once I did, I was fully along for the ride. It was fun to revisit Persephone, Raithe, Suri, Arion, Moya, Brin and the rest of the bunch -- and get introduced to some newcomers as well.

I have to admit to rolling my eyes in a few places: some of Roan's discoveries and inventions seemed a little too perfectly coincidental to be thought through properly, but I was able to suspend my disbelief. Same with some of the terminology they came up with on the spot for concepts like "writing" and materials such as "iron". Despite those minor complaints, I was fully immersed in the world and the characters' adventures, and I'm eager to continue following them and see what happens next!… (mer)
Elizabeth_Cooper | 27 andra recensioner | Oct 27, 2023 |
I thought Age of Myth started out a little slow, but I really enjoyed the premise so I stuck with it -- and I'm really glad I did! I flew through the last half of the book in one evening, because once it picked up, it was impossible to put down.

This was a really well done epic fantasy novel, with a variety of interesting and likeable characters. The women, in particular, were quite strong -- which I definitely appreciated. I also liked the humour sprinkled throughout, and the bits of snarky, on-point dialogue. They provided the perfect counterpoint to the dark world-building and gruesome situations the characters often encountered.… (mer)
Elizabeth_Cooper | 48 andra recensioner | Oct 27, 2023 |



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