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Wisława Szymborska (1923–2012)

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Wislawa Szymborska was born in Bnin, Poland on July 2, 1923. After the Nazis invaded Poland in September 1939, she found work as a railway clerk to avoid deportation to Germany as a forced laborer. In her free time, she studied at illegal underground universities. After World War II, she resumed visa mer her formal studies in Polish literature and sociology at Jagiellonian University, but never earned a degree. In 1945, she published her first poem, I Am Looking for a Word, in a weekly supplement to the local newspaper. Her first book of poetry was published in 1952. Her other volumes of poetry include View with a Grain of Sand, People on a Bridge, Sounds, Feelings, Thoughts: Seventy Poems, and Here. In 1991 she won the Goethe Prize and in 1995 she was awarded the Herder Prize. She won the Nobel Prize for Poetry in 1996 and was awarded The Order of the White Eagle in recognition of her contribution to her country's culture in 2011. From 1953 to 1981, she worked as a poetry editor and columnist for the literary weekly Literary Life, where she wrote a column called Non-Required Reading. She died of lung cancer on February 1, 2012 at the age of 88. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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Vedertaget namn
Szymborska, Wislawa
Namn enligt folkbokföringen
Szymborska, Wisława
Andra namn
Stańczykówna (pseudonym)
Kornik bij Poznan, Polen
Krakau, Polen
Kornik bij Poznan, Polen
Krakau, Polen
De Jagiellonische Universiteit, Krakau, Polen (Poolse literatuur, Sociologie)
American Academy of Arts and Letters (Foreign Honorary, Literature, 1999)
Priser och utmärkelser
Nobelprijs voor Literatuur (1996)
Kort biografi
Wisława Szymborska was born in a small town in western Poland. In 1931, her family moved to Kraków, where Wisława lived and worked for the rest of her life. At the outbreak of World War II, she continued her education in underground classes. From 1943, she was employed as a worker on the railroad and thus managed to avoid deportation to Germany for forced labor. During this time her career as an artist began with illustrations for an English-language textbook. She began writing stories and occasional poems. In 1945, she began studying Polish literature before switching to sociology at the Jagiellonian University. She published her first poem "Szukam słowa" (Looking for Words) in the daily newspaper Dziennik Polski in 1945. Her poems continued to be published in various newspapers and periodicals for a number of years. In 1948, she was forced to quit her studies without a degree due to financial problems. That same year, she married Adam Włodek, also a poet; the couple divorced in 1954. She worked as a secretary and illustrator for an educational biweekly magazine. Her first book was to be published in 1949, but it did not pass Communist censorship requirements. Wisława Szymborska used socialist themes in her early work, as seen in her debut collection Dlatego żyjemy (That is What We are Living For), and became a member of the ruling Polish United Workers' Party.
Like many other Polish intellectual, however, she gradually grew disillusioned by socialist ideology and renounced her earlier political work. Although she did not officially leave the party until 1966, she began to establish contacts with political and artistic dissidents.
In 1953, she joined the staff of the literary review Życie Literackie (Literary Life), where she continued to work for nearly 30 years, and from 1968 had her own book review column. Many of her essays from this period were later published in book form. She was also an editor of the monthly magazine NaGlos. In the 1980s, she intensified her oppositional activities, contributing anonymously to the samizdat literature, as well as to the Paris-based periodical Kultura. She also translated French literature into Polish, in particular the works of Agrippa d'Aubigné. She published 15 books of poetry and became internationally famous after winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1996.



Wisława Szymborska, född 2 juli 1923 i Bnin (nu en del av Kórnik) nära Poznan, Polen; polsk poet, essäist och översättare av fransk litteratur. Tilldelades Nobelpriset i litteratur år 1996.

År 1931 flyttade hennes familj till Kraków där hon fortfarande bor. I mars 1945 publicerade Szymborska sin första dikt, "Szukam słowa" ("Jag söker ordet"), i dagstidningen "Dziennik Polski". Från 1945 till 1948 studerande hon polska och sociologi vid Jagellonska universitetet i Kraków. 1953 började hon arbeta för det litterära magasinet "Życie Literackie" (Litterärt liv), och arbetade kvar där till 1981. Under 1981-1983 ingick hon i redaktionen för "Pismo" (Tidskrift). Hon var en av de polska intellektuella som ingick i oppositionen under kommunisttiden, och skrev under pseudonymen Stanczykówna i "Arka" och i exilmagasinet "Kultura" som gavs ut i Paris.… (mer)
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