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Gay Talese is a journalist and international bestselling author whose works include The Bridge, The Kingdom and the Power, Honor Thy Father, Thy Neighbor's Wife, Unto the Sons, A Writer's Life, and in 2016, The Voyeur's Motel. He won the George Polk Award for career achievement in 2008. He lives in visa mer New York City with his wife, Nan, the Publisher of Nan A. Talese/Doubleday. Lee Gutkind, founder and editor of Creative Nonfiction magazine, is Distinguished Writer in Residence in the Consortium for Science, Policy Outcomes and Professor at the School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Arizona State University. visa färre

Inkluderar namnen: TALESE GAY, Gay Telese, Gay Talese ed.

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I'm going to have another shot at this review because I believe I missed the real essence of the book in my earlier critique (below). The author, the esteemed Gay Talese, is showing us what it is really like to be immersed in the writer's world. The day to day struggle, the challenges of writing into the unknown since a writer never really knows where the project is heading. The limitations, the frustrations, the victories and the defeats. In that way it is a trailblazer, at least it is for me. It's okay to wander, to seek, to fall back and start again. Thanks for that, Mr. Talese. It gives me hope that maybe someday I will finish my writing projects.

I really like reading what Gay Talese has written, and this book is not an exception, but the subject matter is at times a bit tedious. This is a memoir, mostly, and in part a confession of sorts. But the author has also incorporated some significant sections of notes and starts from books that he wanted to write but never really found a way to write. Personally, I was fascinated by this, but a couple of times (i.e., the Bobbitt saga) things got a little too detailed perhaps. It was rewarding to spend some time in the mind of a very creative and prolific researcher and writer, to see the pitfalls and the peaks of his chosen profession. I may have to revise this review a bit because I don't think I am conveying what I want to here. I'd give it a 4.5 for the writing, a 3.5 overall for the amount of detail included. Stay tuned for the update.
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Cantsaywhy | 1 annan recension | Dec 18, 2023 |
I really enjoy reading anything by Gay Talese, so I gave this four stars, but really it would be 3.75 or so - not quite up to his usual standards in places. Enjoyable, always a unique perspective, but it does feel a bit cobbled together, perhaps from unused writing over the years. Still, I had a good time with it and especially enjoyed Chapter 34, where he touched on some unique NYC history.
Cantsaywhy | 1 annan recension | Oct 15, 2023 |
Not at all what I expected this to be. I wish I read it when it originally came out, but I am not sure I would have really appreciated it. As it is, it's a time capsule, a reflection of what we used to be. Extremely well written.
Cantsaywhy | 5 andra recensioner | May 22, 2023 |
Una lluviosa noche de octubre de 1964, dos gángsters secuestraron al famoso jefe mafioso Joseph Bonanno, y a la mañana siguiente la policía neoyorquina informó de que estaba muerto. Un año después, Bonanno reapareció de forma misteriosa, y su vuelta desató una sangrienta disputa entre familias mafiosas...
Natt90 | 4 andra recensioner | Jan 31, 2023 |



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