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Foto taget av: from Wikipedia Jacques Tardi en dédicace au Salon du livre de Paris. Author Georges Seguin


Verk av Jacques Tardi

Skyttegravskriget (1993) 338 exemplar
Adele och odjuret (1976) 242 exemplar
Dödens adress : efter Léo Malets roman (1943) — Illustratör — 190 exemplar
Ishavets demon (1974) 177 exemplar
Demonen från Eiffeltornet (1976) 173 exemplar
West Coast Blues (2005) 155 exemplar
Den galne vetenskapsmannen (1977) 147 exemplar
Fog Over Tolbiac Bridge: A Nestor Burma Mystery (1982) — Illustratör — 143 exemplar
Just här (1983) — Illustratör — 137 exemplar
Mumiernas återkomst (1978) 132 exemplar
Salamanderns hemlighet (1981) 129 exemplar
Folkets röst, del 1 (2001) 107 exemplar
Monstret i Saint-Martin kanalen (1985) 106 exemplar
La Débauche (2000) — Illustratör — 96 exemplar
Farewell, Brindavoine (1980) 96 exemplar
Damn War! 1914-1919 (2010) — Illustratör — 76 exemplar
Le Der des ders (1984) — Illustratör — 72 exemplar
Goddamn This War! (2013) 69 exemplar
Death of a Marseilles Man [Comic] (1957) — Illustratör — 68 exemplar
Kackerlacksmördaren (1984) — Illustratör — 67 exemplar
Run Like Crazy Run like Hell (1899) 66 exemplar
New York Mon Amour (2009) 64 exemplar
Did You see Me as a Corpse? [Comic] (2000) — Illustratör — 60 exemplar
Griffu (1981) — Författare — 58 exemplar
Le Secret de l'étrangleur (2006) 51 exemplar
Varlot soldat (1999) — Författare — 43 exemplar
Une gueule de bois en plomb (1993) — Författare — 40 exemplar
Rumeurs sur le Rouergue (1986) 25 exemplar
Le dernier assaut (2016) — Författare — 25 exemplar
Polonius (1977) 20 exemplar
Glimmerik (1988) 16 exemplar
Mine de plomb (1985) 15 exemplar
Nestor Burma (1976) — Författare — 13 exemplar
Krzyk ludu (2010) 7 exemplar
Mouh Mouh 6 exemplar
L'étrangleur, Tome 2 : (2006) 5 exemplar
Carnet, 1 (2002) 4 exemplar
De Reis van Alfons (2003) 4 exemplar
Tardi raamvertellingen (1996) 4 exemplar
Chiures de gomme (1985) 4 exemplar
El último asalto (2016) 4 exemplar
Manchette-Tardi Integraal (2018) 3 exemplar
Cheval Noir #4 (1990) 3 exemplar
Nestor Burma, 11: Tegen QED (2016) 3 exemplar
Le trou d'obus. (1984) 3 exemplar
l'étrangleur - Burma t.3 (2009) — d'après — 2 exemplar
A sacanice 2 exemplar
20 ans en mai 1871 (2023) 2 exemplar
Nestor Burma: Boulevard... ossements (2013) — Författare — 2 exemplar
Rue des rebuts (1990) 2 exemplar
Skud fra liggende stilling (2016) 2 exemplar
Adieu Brindavoine (2009) 1 exemplar
Chiures de gomme 1 exemplar
Adèle Blanc Sec (Volume 2) (2011) 1 exemplar
Tardi Liberation (2006) 1 exemplar
Het gebroken geweertje (2000) 1 exemplar
La Toison d'or — Illustratör — 1 exemplar
Der Dämon aus dem Eis (2023) 1 exemplar
A ma mer — Bidragsgivare — 1 exemplar
Comics Lit Magazine Issue 1 (1995) 1 exemplar

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Resa till nattens ände (1983) — Illustratör, vissa utgåvor5,974 exemplar
QPB Illustrated Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales (2003) — Illustratör — 155 exemplar
The Mammoth Book of Best Crime Comics (2008) — Bidragsgivare — 103 exemplar
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Namn enligt folkbokföringen
Tardi, Jacques
Valence, Drôme, France
Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Lyon
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris
Grange, Dominique (partner)
Malet, Léo (original author)
Kort biografi
Jacques Tardi is without a doubt one of the most important artists of his generation. He invented a new variation within the clear line style and in this way inspired many artists. Tardi's expressionistic style is perfect for his stories about World War I and about the underworld of the city. Tardi is the father of "the new realism" and a master in depicting both the old city of Paris as the awful life in the trenches of the Big War. After studying fine arts in Lyon and decorative arts in Paris, Tardi joined Pilote magazine in 1970. He started out illustrating several short stories written by Jean Giraud and Serge De Beketch, before he drew the political fiction story 'Rumeurs sur le Rouergue' (text by Pierre Christin). He also worked in the western genre for Record ('Blue Jackett', 'Cheval Gris'). For Dargaud, he produced 'Le Démon des Glaces' and 'La Véritable Histoire du Soldat Inconnu'. He expanded his activities in 1975, and drew for Libération, Charlie Mensuel and L'Écho des Savanes. Several of his short stories were collected in the album 'Mouh-Mouh' in 1979. For Métal Hurlant, Tardi created 'Polonius' with writer Picaret in 1976. That same year, he began the famous mystery series 'Adèle Blanc-Sec' in the Sud-Ouest daily. He also began 'Griffu' (text by Jean-Patrick Manchette) in B.D. and 'Ici Même' (text by Jean-Claude Forest) in À Suivre. For the latter magazine, he adapted Léo Malet's novel character 'Nestor Burma' to comics. His books on World War I have become classics, like his most famous work, 'C'était la Guerre des Tranchées', which strikingly portrayed the disillusionment of the war. In the early 1980s, he produced such titles as 'Tueur de Cafards', 'Jeux pour Mourir', 'Le Trou d'Obus', 'Mines de Plomb' and 'Chiures de Gomme'. He also became an illustrator of books by Céline and he wrote his first novel in 1990. In the 1990s, Tardi began painting and drew several portfolios. He continued his comics work with 'Le Cochon Enchanté' (based on a Rumanian tale), 'Le Sens de la Houppelande', 'L'Enfant de l'Absente', and 'Sodome et Virginie'. He teamed up with Michel Boujut to create several cinematographic stories for Charlie-Hebdo from 1993. He also created the radio series 'Le Perroquet des Batignolles' with Boujet. Although Tardi has repeatedly said that he hates drawing the modern world, his work 'La Debauche', scripted by Daniel Pennac, is a colorful satire of late twentieth-century Paris. In 2002, Tardi and writer Vautrin created 'Cri du Peuple' about the rebellion of the Communards.




Almost paradoxical that a book about such an ugly topic can end up so beautiful. Tardi depicts the horrors of the 1st World War through tiny vignettes from the lives and deaths of the lowliest soldiers. There is nothing glamorous or glorious in Tardi's war, and the book evokes the chaos and pointlessness of the conflict very well.
thisisstephenbetts | 11 andra recensioner | Nov 25, 2023 |
Una Mauser... serve a fare dei buchi, a porre fine alle discussioni, a semplificare l'esistenza umana.
(dalla copertina e dall'interno)
NewLibrary78 | Jul 22, 2023 |
Il disegno piu’ bello: pagina 113.

Ha qualcosa contro
i fumetti? E’ forse

NewLibrary78 | Jul 22, 2023 |
Ambientada en Francia durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, esta es la primera novela de Léo Malet protagonizada por el detective Nestor Burma. El ayudante de Birmania, Bob Colomer, recién llegado a Francia tras haber estado prisionero en un campo alemán, es asesinado en la estación de Lyon nada más reencontrarse con su jefe. Las últimas palabras de Colomer, susurradas a Burma mientras agonizaba, son la dirección 120 Station Street, la misma dirección que Birmania había escuchado de un paciente agonizante en un hospital militar. Y así comienza una investigación que obligará a Birmania a revivir episodios de su pasado que creía haber enterrado tiempo atrás, y que le llevará desde la Francia de Vichy hasta el París ocupado por los nazis. Publicada por primera vez en 1942, esta apasionante novela negra es una descripción de la vida cotidiana francesa durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, donde el racionamiento, la división del territorio y las restricciones impuestas por los nazis sirven de telón de fondo a esta historia de intriga.… (mer)
Natt90 | 3 andra recensioner | Dec 14, 2022 |



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