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Victoria Thompson (1) (1948–)

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Thompson, Victoria E.
Seton Hill University
Nancy Yost



Sarah agrees to attend a seance with her mother, who was invited by a friend. The session includes a possible connection to Maggie, Sarah's sister who died in childbirth and gives Mrs. Decker an opportunity to apologize for not being there for Maggie. While Sarah believes the session is bogus, she hopes that it will help her mother move on. Little does she know that Mrs. Decker continues to attend until one of the participants is murdered.

Mrs Decker has the presence of mind to protect herself by using Sarah's name and getting Malloy involved. All evidence points to Madame Serafina's lover, Nicola, but Serafina refuses to accept the facts. When she identifies a badly beaten body as Nicola, the case seems to be at an end, but Serafina has one more trick up her sleeve and calls a new seance with all of the living members there for the "spirits" to reveal the true murderer, but will everyone, including Maeve, survive this final revealing?… (mer)
4leschats | 17 andra recensioner | Jun 13, 2024 |
When Sarah delivers Cora's baby in Chinatown, she also meets Minnie another Irish woman married to a Chinaman as well as their daughter Angel who is upset over the marriage her father has arranged for her. When Angel disappears, Minnie and Cora reach out to her for assistance. Maeve provides insight into what young girls might be doing leading to the discovery that Angel has eloped with an Irish young man. Her family tries to get her to return home, but days later she if found dead in an alley.

Sarah is again drawn into the case due to her relationship with the families, but Malloy keeps warning her about the dangers to her own family. When Angel's intended Chinese husband is also killed, the evidence suggests Angel's father or brother, but nothing seems to fit and the Chinese men keep confessing to protect each other further muddying the waters. Just as Malloy figures out who the killer is, Sarah and her family are in the killer's sights.
… (mer)
4leschats | 15 andra recensioner | Jun 13, 2024 |
Loved it! As a longtime follower of Frank and Sarah Malloy this was a great story and a nice history refresher. A young woman wants to write an investigative story for a magazine about the danger of “patent medicine.” It’s 1901 and women were secretaries not investigative journalists and her boss refused to publish a “muckraking” story because of threats of advertisers removing their support. Sarah gives the girl her calling card after being interviewed at the women’s clinic and a couple of days later the girl’s father comes because she has been found strangled. Frank is hired since the police believe it’s a random act of violence and the police have stopped inquiring. Gino and Maeve investigate, the Deckers and Mother Malloy also aid in the inquiry.… (mer)
Kathy89 | 2 andra recensioner | Apr 27, 2024 |
Sarah Brandt is from a wealthy family and is a widow but is now estranged from her parents and working as a midwife. While visiting one of her patients she finds that a resident in the boarding house has been murdered and that the victim was the sister of an old friend. She is then determined to help Detective Frank Malloy find the killer and bring him to justice.

I liked the characters and how their backgrounds are revealed bit by bit as the story progresses and am looking forward to reading more of the series… (mer)
bookworm3091 | 52 andra recensioner | Apr 15, 2024 |



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