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Four stars for how cutesy and campy it was. I loved this movie, was a devoted fan until a few years ago. I was excited to see this at my library! It's unofficial and that's -delightful-. Most officially-affiliated books endorsed by Disney I've read have been horrid, brain-melting, time-wasting bullshit, and I stopped reading after the fourth one I read. So, seeing "Unofficial" as part of the title had me giving the concept a new chance. I'm glad I did. This is a pretty straightforward Americana cookbook. Some recipe titles are linked to movie quotes or themes. I was interested in what the real-world recipes of some would be. Mummy's Scorpion Pie is pecan pie. Owl Blood is tomato soup. I had thought those would be shepherd's pie with spices and a sauce, respectively, but hey, awesome. Many, many ingredients Winnie uses are interpreted as alcoholic drinks here, which, eh. The actual poition is zucchini stew, which...not sure what I was expecting, but not zucchinis.

THERE'S A HUGE SELECTION OF VIRGIN DRINKS OMG. I can't drink due to quality-of-life medicine, so this was -wonderful- to discover. Many thanks, author. Mocktails are amazing and I'm always so glad to get them, and here's a huge selection. The haunted gingerbread mansion was a wonderful twist and one I'd be up for trying if a kit came out--the book makes here seem so easy, but I can't cook, let alone bake. The illustrations throughout were cute! The acknowledgments made me smile. I could easily imagine someone throwing a huge party post-covid with all of these, starting with savory courses in the evening and ending in the morning with pumpkin pancakes and bloody mary's due to drinking tons of the booze concoctions. Oh, I hope that happens and it's tons of fun. I hope this book is widely read and celebrated.
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iszevthere | Jul 13, 2022 |


½ 4.5

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