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So disappointed in this one. Its been hyped up to me SOOOO much, and for me it fell completely FLAT. There was no action and no drama and everything was tied up with a pretty bow and it all worked perfectly. Don't get me wrong, I realize this is marketed as a cozy story.... but theres nothing to hook my interest. The plot wasn't really a plot... it just feels like the housekeeping of a story that could have had some real zeal to it. Theres no reason to seem the MCs as a pair, its already given to you with no details until you get to that mini story at the end..... I really don't understand why we couldn't have had the mini story and explaination of how they got together at the beginning of the book with a small time hope to avoid the drama and angst.... So they're pre-established so no passion or romance... all conflicts are solved by the power of friendship or some quick wit.... it just comes off as SO stinking boring, and it kills me, at least with Legends and Lattes you got to see the relationship building and were invested in both characters. The queen isn't even all that evil. Not down voting it because its not a bad story...it just had no interest for me.... I'm highly unlikely to pick up book too.… (mer)
MiserableFlower | 16 andra recensioner | Jul 10, 2024 |
Not enough Star Whales!!!

Seriously I am very disappointed in this story, when reading the synopsis you think you're going to get this amazing tale about kids discovering whales in space and then watch them deal with poachers, instead the Star Whales make up about 10% of this story. And that's mostly at the end which makes it even more frustrating because you keep waiting and waiting and waiting, and then when it finally happens its so incredibly short lived. I also was very disappointed in the lack of resolution in regards to the poachers, like it all feels swept under the rug. The revelation at the end with the parents on the space station was so frustrating as it could have been utilized earlier. The Music was another element that I feel was under utilized.

As for the reminder of the story which is actually the bulk of the story, you are dealing with Max and his grief and trauma over the loss of his father. Now I have no issue with middle grade books tackling heavy topics like this, it's actually very common in middle grade books and I love it. What I do hate is when its being heavily pushed down my throat by the author, it started to feel so heavy handed that I realized the whole point of this story was never about the Whales it was about the grief, and had I gone into this story knowing this was going to be more focused on grief then I would have had different expectations. It also made it a 100 times worse when the resolution of this grief that you follow is resolved in a epilogue with a simple manner. Because it was so heavy handed in the story I was expecting this big release of emotions and it ultimately boiling over and Max releasing everything because honestly it what he needed, but that never happened, and it made the journey of his struggle feel unresolved by the end. Sure there is a conversation but it lacked the depth that I was expecting. I also really wish more effort was put towards the healing of Arsenio and Max's broken friendship, another element that just came way to late in the story and felt unsatisfying. It was like it was more important to show the grief then to show the healing and it made very frustrating for me by the time I got to the end.

Its easy to read but because the tone and the plot didn't match what I was expecting it made it hard to stay focused because I just kept getting irritated with the lack of Star Whales, I wish there had been more balance between the two plot lines.

… (mer)
SweetKokoro | 4 andra recensioner | Jul 3, 2024 |
*** Many thanks to jollyfish press for eARC via NetGalley. ***

The Secrets of Star Whales was heartwarming middle grade #scifi that revolved around Max struggling with grief and loss and mystery of Star Whales. It was about getting over loss and grief, friendship, adventure, trust, secrets, loneliness, and believing in yourself.

-Writing was lucid, vivid, fast paced and filled with imagination and emotions.
-Max was smart, fun, relatable, and realistic character.
-I loved how he developed and tried to make things right at the end.
-All secondary characters, crew of Calypso, were interesting. It was great to read about their skills, quirks and how they too developed along with Max.
-Best part of the book was world.- Azura spaces station, its close-knit community, technology, spaceships, Story of Star Whales and their description.
-liked the layers and message,

Overall, it was lovely, heartfelt, well written middle grade sic-fi set in amazing world with quirky and delightful characters.

Read full review by following link - https://booksteacupreviews.com/2021/03/23/bookreview-the-secrets-of-star-whales-...
… (mer)
BooksTeacupReviews | 4 andra recensioner | Jun 28, 2024 |
Reyna's girlfriend Kianthe has been asking her for awhile if she didn't want to leave the vindictive queen she guards and run away to start a book and tea shop. One day, after getting injured while defending said queen from an assassin, she decides to do just that. Reyna and Kianthe find a likely spot in a small village to start over and begin renovating a barn for their new venture.

A cozy, queer fantasy inspired by [Legends and Lattes]. Some folks may love that cozy feel. In here, I felt like the stakes were even lower and the characters more perfect than in Legends. It made it very easy, even when I was mostly enjoying myself, to put it down and read other things. One of the main conflicts (that of Reyna's treason) gets resolved in a way I didn't quite buy into, and the other main conflict (dragon attacks!) are left very open for a sequel. This was originally self-published in 2022 and got picked up by a traditional publisher. I get the desire for a cozy kinda book, but somehow this one didn't hit right for me. Doubt I'll look for the sequel.… (mer)
bell7 | 16 andra recensioner | Jun 26, 2024 |



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½ 3.7

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