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this was a really fun enemies-to-lovers story. So if that's your jam - nemesis turned forbidden office romance - this will be just for you. I really enjoyed the main character; her internal monologue was funny and quirky.
s_carr | 158 andra recensioner | Feb 25, 2024 |
Rosie and the Dreamboat is the third book in The Improbable Meet-Cute and sorry, but it’s my least favourite so far. That’s most likely due to the different style – it’s literally the meet-cute without follow through or much background on the characters. It’s also quite a bit shorter than the previous two in the series which probably doesn’t help the former.

The story takes place at a day spa, where Rosie has taken her perfect sister for pampering. Her sister is a bit self-centred/selfish and Rosie feels that she has not achieved much in comparison. Much of the story takes place in a flotation tank and if you don’t like enclosed spaces, this is not the read for you. It’s cheesy at times (particularly the dialogue), but it is definitely an improbable meet cute!

Overall, it’s a very light hearted, quick read.
… (mer)
birdsam0610 | 1 annan recension | Feb 24, 2024 |
Surprise but this was another new author for me. I have to say though this story was absoultely not it for me. I did not like anything about this one. It immediately started giving off vibes of things that just drive me crazy and I have to say it didn't get any better. The whole dynamic between Rosie and the fireman could have been cute but it felt like he was talking to a child a lot of the time. I just felt like the dialogue was off. It was a very cliche story and honestly if it hadn't been a super short one I don't think I would have even finished it. It was just over the top corny to be fair.… (mer)
BookReviewsbyTaylor | 1 annan recension | Feb 23, 2024 |
Rosie and the Dreamboat by Sally Thorne was a fun addition to the Improbably Meet-Cute Collection. In this story, Rosie is having a Galentines spa day with her sister. It is obvious that Rosie thinks that her sister has it all going on and that she, Rosie, does not. That being said, Rosie has more going on than she realizes. The spa day experience comes to a screeching halt when Rosie is trapped in a floatation pod. Naked, I might add. Rescue comes in the form of a fireman who doesn't give up and is so sweet to Rosie in a not so sweet situation.

I have been in a floatation spa pool, but not a pod. I don't know that I could have held myself together as well as Rosie. I loved the interaction between her and her dreamboat firefighter. I wanted more from them after the rescue. This is why I don't read many novellas and short stories. I'm left wanting more. For what it was, it was one of my favorites in the collection.
… (mer)
sdbookhound | 3 andra recensioner | Feb 20, 2024 |



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