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Cate Tiernan is the pen name of Gabrielle Charbonnet, who was born on July 24, 1961 in New Orleans, Louisiana. She studied writing and Russian language and literature at New York University before eventually graduating with a degree in Russian from Loyola University. While working as an assistant visa mer at Random House in New York City, she wrote her first children's book and assisted in editing The Secret Circle by L. J. Smith. During this time, she wrote several chapter books and middle-grade books under different names, and ghost-wrote for some popular series. After 8 years in New York, she moved back to New Orleans and started her Sweep series. She also writes the Balefire series and the Immortal Beloved series. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

(eng) Cate Tiernan is the pen name of Gabrielle Charbonnet


Verk av Cate Tiernan

Sundays at Tiffany's (2008) 3,626 exemplar
Book of Shadows (2001) 1,241 exemplar
The Coven (2001) 899 exemplar
Blood Witch (2001) 831 exemplar
Dark Magick (2001) 810 exemplar
Awakening (2001) 782 exemplar
Spellbound (2001) 742 exemplar
The Calling (2001) 718 exemplar
Changeling (2001) 701 exemplar
Immortal Beloved (2010) 653 exemplar
Strife (2002) 649 exemplar
Seeker (2002) 640 exemplar
Origins (2002) 607 exemplar
Eclipse (2002) 593 exemplar
Sweep: Volume 1 (2010) 587 exemplar
Reckoning (2002) 579 exemplar
Full Circle (2002) 566 exemplar
Night's Child (2003) 549 exemplar
Crazy House (2017) 522 exemplar
Sweep: Volume 2 (2001) 398 exemplar
Darkness Falls (2011) 301 exemplar
Sweep: Volume 3 (2011) 298 exemplar
A Chalice of Wind (2005) 293 exemplar
Hawk (2020) 286 exemplar
Sweep: Volume 4 (2011) 265 exemplar
Balefire Omnibus (2005) 253 exemplar
Sweep: Volume 5 (2011) 251 exemplar
A Circle of Ashes (2005) 184 exemplar
A Feather of Stone (2005) 180 exemplar
Eternally Yours (2012) 166 exemplar
A Necklace of Water (2006) 160 exemplar
Darkest Fear (2014) 70 exemplar
Book of Shadows AND The Coven (2001) 38 exemplar
Molly's Heart (1995) 35 exemplar
I Made Herc a Hero -- by Phil (1997) 27 exemplar
Blood Witch AND Dark Magick (2008) 24 exemplar
Adventure at Walt Disney World (1999) 24 exemplar
A Room in the Attic (1995) 22 exemplar
Competition Fever (1996) 22 exemplar
Home at Last (1995) 22 exemplar
One of Us (1998) 19 exemplar
A Fish Out of Water (1998) 17 exemplar
Balancing Act (1996) 16 exemplar
Attack of the Beast (1998) 15 exemplar
Awakening AND Spellbound (2009) 15 exemplar
The Calling AND Changeling (2009) 15 exemplar
Tutu Much Ballet (1994) 15 exemplar
The Bully Coach (1996) 11 exemplar
And Sleepy Makes Seven (1998) 11 exemplar
Princess of Power (1999) 11 exemplar
Split Decision (1996) 11 exemplar
Good-Bye Jasmine? (1999) 10 exemplar
One Pet Too Many (1998) 10 exemplar
Beauty's Revenge (1999) 9 exemplar
Gum Race (1999) 8 exemplar
Cinderella's Castle (1998) 6 exemplar
Just Can't Wait to Be King (1998) 4 exemplar
These Eyes 3 exemplar
Darkest Night (2015) 2 exemplar
Wicca 1 1 exemplar

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Tiernan, Cate
Namn enligt folkbokföringen
Charbonnet, Gabrielle
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Cate Tiernan is the pen name of Gabrielle Charbonnet



I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun quick read just when I needed something light. It is the story of a girl/woman and her imaginary friend, Michael. A little drop dead, a little time travelers wife-ish.
KyleneJones | 166 andra recensioner | Jan 3, 2024 |
For the record I'm pretty sure I can't say Nastasya's name correctly. At all. Anyone who can tell me how wins a cookie.

So! Another new young adult paranormal-esque trilogy about a disaffected immortal being trying to figure out why the heck they're still around. And atoning for past mistakes. And possibly falling in true love. If you could see my bookshelves you'd see the shelves sagging with similar books--young adult and mainstream--all begging to be read and adored and loved. Some have prettier covers (I like Immortal Beloved's cover, but the title is just so big that it dominates and I didn't even notice the girl behind the title until much later), some are by authors I know and some have easier to say main character names. So what drew me to read Immortal Beloved?

Nastasya's sarcastic, condescending and often flat out rude commentary on everything. She has lived a long time and seems to have fallen in with a really callous and selfish lot in the last century or so, so its completely understandable of course. But cripes! I was cringing every time she opened her mouth, she didn't have a censor for her mouth at all. Well for most of the book. She does eventually learn to think before speaking, but it doesn't really put a damper on her speech.

Its kind of refreshing to read a character who doesn't just internalize everything. Whereas so many other characters seem to have lots of mean thoughts, but don't say it out loud (or are horrified if they do) Nastasya (called 'nasty' by her friends) just says it damn the consequences.

Beneath the rude veneer however is a complicated young (relatively speaking) woman who despite her years on Earth hasn't found something to ground herself. She 'falls' into her memories a lot, some random thing will happen in the present that will set off a memory of a previous experience and we see her through the ages. Her very young years with her family, the men she has married, children she has lost, wars she's lived through and decades she's partied through. There's a sense of desperation in her life story, urgency to find something to hold onto and not lose.

Innocencio, and to an extent the others in their group, sort of fill that gaping wound in her life. Innocencio was always with her, always by her side, picking her up when she fell and holding her hair when she felt sick. They had their tumbles and laughs, but they were never apart. But what did it mean? As Nastasya struggles to piece together her soul again, doubt creeps in and she begins to wonder at why Innocencio was always there.

The other Immortals, as well as the few mortals that Nastasya interacts with, are varied and interesting, but not much else. Oh I'm curious about River's backstory and I want to know what will happen at the drugstore Nastasya helps out at and the two girls she has befriended in town, but for me they were more distractions to the darker plot elements. Especially after Unsavory Plot Points are brought out into the light regarding Nastastya's past and her associates there of.

My only mild squick moment was the romance between Reyn and Nastasya. Big spoilers abound for this so I can't go too deeply into why it was squicky for me, but I can say while it makes sense given when they both were 'young', it in no way made me feel more comfortable with them now.
… (mer)
lexilewords | 47 andra recensioner | Dec 28, 2023 |
Not a big fan...the book does not deserve to have Tiffany's in the title. I was not impressed with Patterson's work.
DKnight0918 | 166 andra recensioner | Dec 23, 2023 |
Therese Plummer (Narrator)
Just not that good. Could have been so much more. felt rushed
cfulton20 | 2 andra recensioner | Nov 13, 2023 |



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