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Title: 中国歷史故事 (一)
Author: 吳_ _
Sanakan | May 25, 2024 |
A very good and sturdy book.
Each page contains a theme (getting dressed, eating, playing, and bedtime) and three liftable cardboard illustrations. Toddlers LOVED it, and it is also good up to late pre-school age, as every page features two simple phrases.
Only, unless both you and your children are seriously OCD, all illustrations will have gone lost or chewed away way before the pre-school age... This is the only reason you don't see five stars up there.
Elanna76 | May 2, 2024 |
Exceptionally weird, highly disgusting, corny, and above average creepypasta yet still a far ways off from resembling a professionally written story.
ErikLevin | Apr 10, 2023 |
Also sometimes referred to as The Tales from the Westcar Papyrus, this papyrus is a collection of five Egyptian stories. Four survive, the first missing. The second is "The Wax Crocodile", the third "The Story of the Green Jewel", the forth "Djedi the Magician", and the fifth "The Birth of the Royal Children". The second is about a creative method to pay the price of adultery, the third is frivolous and about retrieving a jewel from a lake, the fourth is about snapping off heads and kind of dreary, and the fifth is generically about the sacred birth of future kings. The transliterations are easy to read, erasing a common barrier that makes it hard to like ancient stories. Other than the stereotypical last story, I moderately liked all of them.… (mer)
leah_markum | Oct 28, 2022 |



½ 3.3

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