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Tarjei Vesaas (1897–1970)

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By 1934, when The Great Cycle appeared, Tarjei Vesaas has published 11 works. In this novel he clearly showed the enduring qualities of his later work: delicate human portraiture, compelling symbolism and allegory, and constant sensitivity to human beings' universal turmoils of hope, fear, and visa mer love. By the end of his life Vesaas had written some 35 works of prose and poetry and had received the Venice Triennial Prize in 1952 and the Nordic Council Prize for literature in 1964. Perhaps his generation's foremost writer of novels and short stories, he wrote of common people in rural Norway who represented humanity at its best and worst. Children and adolescents occupy a special place in Vesaas's writing; in The Birds (1957), the reader participates in the inner life of a mentally impaired youth observing the adult world. Vesaas's realism is usually psychological rather than historical, as in The Seed (1940), which deals with the hatred, fear, and mass psychosis spawned in a small community by the murder of a girl. It is apparent that the barbarous acts of the killer's lynchers mirror the hideous transformation of decent people in Fascist Europe of the late 1930s. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

Verk av Tarjei Vesaas

Isslottet (1963) 914 exemplar
Fåglarna (1957) 621 exemplar
Vårnatt (1954) 105 exemplar
Båten om kvällen (1968) 90 exemplar
Grodden (1940) 80 exemplar
The Bridges (1966) 64 exemplar
Vindarna noveller (1952) 49 exemplar
The House in the Dark (1976) 38 exemplar
The hills reply (1968) 32 exemplar
De svarta hästarna (1928) 29 exemplar
The Great Cycle (1971) 27 exemplar
Through Naked Branches (2000) 26 exemplar
Blekplatsen (1946) 24 exemplar
Brannen : roman (1961) 16 exemplar
Tårnet : roman (1975) 11 exemplar
Noveller i samling (1973) 10 exemplar
Dikt i samling (1972) 6 exemplar
L'arbre de santal (1933) 6 exemplar
The Signal 5 exemplar
En vacker dag : noveller (1959) 5 exemplar
Vie auprès du courant (1970) 4 exemplar
Land of Hidden Fires (1973) 3 exemplar
Imelik tunne 3 exemplar
The Seed, and Spring Night (1964) 3 exemplar
Vesaas' beste (2006) 3 exemplar
Noite de primavera (2011) 2 exemplar
Liv ved straumen (1970) 2 exemplar
Kuslar (2015) 2 exemplar
Kvinner ropar heim 2 exemplar
30 Poems 1 exemplar
Klokka i haugen 1 exemplar
Ledo rūmas: romanas (2021) 1 exemplar
Tarjei Vesaas' beste (1997) 1 exemplar
Regen im Haar 1 exemplar
Tarjei Vesaas 1 exemplar
Klakahöllin 1 exemplar
Vraní koně 1 exemplar
Sandeltræet 1 exemplar
Broarna (2020) 1 exemplar
Signalet 1 exemplar
Det rare (1971) 1 exemplar
Den sene båd 1 exemplar
Lisières du givre (2007) 1 exemplar
Vil du gje meg handa (1992) 1 exemplar
KJELDENE 1 exemplar
Skrifter i samling (1987) 1 exemplar
LEIKEN OG LYNET 1 exemplar
Palatul de gheata 1 exemplar
Huset och fågeln 1 exemplar

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This was a very egnimatic book. the reader was never absolutely sure what happened. It seemed too incredible what as a reader, you thought happened. Beautifuly written, I thought. Eerie.
37143Birnbaum | 44 andra recensioner | Jan 21, 2024 |
The Birds by Norwegian poet and novelist Tarjei Vesaas was originally published in 1957, but due to it’s timeless subject matter, could easily have been written much more recently. Mattis, a mentally disabled man lives with his lonely sister, Hege, in a cottage on a lake. Mattis is often mocked and called “Simple Simon” but with his sister to look after him and his ability to ponder and observe nature he is generally happy. His one fear is that Hege will get fed up and leave him.

He is encouraged to act as a ferryman on the lake although he only ever has one customer, Jorgen, a lumberjack, that he brings home and who stays with them. Hege and Jorgen become lovers which disturbs Mattis and scares him as he feels his sister’s attention lessening and he comes up with an unusual plan to help make sense of the situation.

I loved this beautifully written, sensitive story. It is a moving portrait that has a soft sadness running through every page. There were parts where the story seemed in a lull but being given Mattis’ point of view, seeing how he processes life events and catching a glimpse of his inner world was unique and compelling. There was a feeling of inevitability as Mattis travels his own path, a simple soul in a complicated world.
… (mer)
DeltaQueen50 | 23 andra recensioner | Jan 10, 2024 |
"It's as if the book itself has an aura, beyond its subject, to do with the potency of its truth, I think particularly about the relationship between the children and adults and the natural world. It gets into your skin, in the way... closer to the condition of music or visual art."
--Max Porter
Kiramke | 44 andra recensioner | Sep 5, 2023 |

Det snør og snør

på stille bruer.

Bruer ingen veit om.


Mentre siamo lì cade più fitta la neve.

La tua manica s’imbianca.

La mia manica s’imbianca.

Formano tra noi

ponti innevati.

Ma i ponti innevati sono gelati.

Qui dentro scorre calda la vita.

Il tuo braccio caldo sotto la neve è un

dolce peso sul mio.

Nevica, nevica

Sui ponti silenziosi.

Ponti che nessuno conosce.

(pagina 111)

Ciò che ci lega sono ponti silenziosi.

La luce illuminava le betulle coperte di brina.

(pagina 17)

… (mer)
NewLibrary78 | 44 andra recensioner | Jul 22, 2023 |



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