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George Sylvester Viereck (1884–1962)

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This was an okay story. The “vampire” of the tale is certainly unique. All I will say is he is not the blood sucking kind and thankfully not the Edward Cullen kind either. A major mark against this author is his nazism which I didn’t learn of until after reading this on the Serial app.
Arkrayder | 3 andra recensioner | Mar 15, 2022 |
I listened to this once before, thought it was alright, but listened to it again and enjoyed it much better the second time around. I loved the setting mostly.
LGandT | 3 andra recensioner | Feb 5, 2018 |
My cover slightly different, with a white banner that comes down to the top of the policemen's heads. Says "not a reprint" on the cover. But it is a 1956 reprint. 25cents.
Apparently the author was a well-known and -respected figure before being arrested for "sedition." He seems to have been acquainted with many famous people and had a novel published. He knows the English language. It's not nearly as fascinating or interesting as the cover or teaser comments suggest, but it's well-written.
Muzzorola | Jan 19, 2016 |
I’ve been over the vampire thing for a bit but every once in awhile an old school one finds me and I can’t help but read it. While looking on the Gutenberg Project for some horror recently, I found this one. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like a Victorian, Gothic, psychic vampire.

Reginald Clarke is a man everyone loves. He’s talented in every way and people crave his company. Artists flock to him and he takes in writers, musicians, and painters to his home. But something happens to all these talented people --- they soon leave him with nothing, not a trace of the talent they arrived with. A young writer staying with Reginald, and for all purposes,
under his spell, figures it out and tries to get out from under Reginald’s enchantment.

The House of the Vampire is good and creepy and the type of vampire story I want more of. There’s no blood and certainly no sparkling going on here. Let’s all take a moment to be thankful for that. It’s an interesting concept, a psychic vampire, and frankly one that’s more terrifying, in some ways, than an actual blood sucking vampire. This is someone stealing who and what you are. Taking it for himself and using it to his advantage until there’s nothing left of you. You are a shell of a human being with nothing to give or take from anyone. Think about that.

If Wikipedia is correct, this short story was written in 1907 but it feels younger than its 100 + years.
… (mer)
justabookreader | 3 andra recensioner | May 21, 2013 |


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