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Sydell I. Voeller

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Daisies Are Forever (1997) 6 exemplar
Sandcastles of Love (2011) 6 exemplar
Unlikely Dad (2005) 4 exemplar
Dummy and Me (2013) 2 exemplar
Love On A High Wire (2015) 2 exemplar
Merry Christmas, Marcie (2014) 2 exemplar


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Reviewed by Ellen Hogan for Readers Favorite

April is a high school history teacher. She lives in the country by a forest and enjoys walking in the forest for relaxation. There is a pioneer woman's grave in the forest that April calls her special spot. She goes there to think, read poetry and just commune with nature. One day she is visiting the grave when she hears Matt and his father talking about trying to win a contract to cut down the timber in the forest. April tries to make Matt see that the grave should be preserved no matter what. But, Matt only sees that their workers have been without work and need the job to take care of their families. Both April and Matt work to stop a forest fire, April as a firefighter and Matt driving a Cat to make breaks. Just when they realize they are falling in love each feels there is too much conflict between them for them to have a lasting relationship.

Matt and April are both interested in preservation in their own way. Matt's solution shows the love he has for April and what is important to her. A tender love story about two very different people who seem so right for each other.
… (mer)
Svoeller | May 1, 2015 |
Reviewed by Natasha Jackson for Readers' Favorite

Sydell Voeller does a good job of portraying small town life..Unlikely Dad is a surprising romance that doesn't necessarily follow the path one would expect... More than a tale of young love lost, Unlikely Dad is a story about a growing love that strengthens and endures, and grows into something far more than love.
Svoeller | May 1, 2015 |
“A wonderful story of a summer romance with interesting twists and turns…” Reviewed by Michelle Poulson-vick at Sharpwriter Reviews
“Ms. Voeller’s talent is superb, and I was impressed with her ability to write as if she were the actual teenager in the book. Sandcastles of Love is a light-hearted young adult romance that’s attention grabbing, well-written, and charming.” Reviewed by JB Leese, A Story Weaver
Svoeller | May 1, 2015 |


½ 4.3