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It's not that I didn't like it.
I did.

It's hard to explain. Just a peculiar feeling.
It leaves quiet in its wake.
QuirkyCat_13 | 26 andra recensioner | Jun 20, 2022 |
It's not usually a good idea for me to start reading a book because I think the cover is beautiful. That almost never ends well. But this cover is so beautiful, with its calm and dreamy pink wash, and the inside flap description is spare and intriguing...I couldn't help myself.

And, at first, I regretted it. I'm not wild about the writing, which seems at times to try too hard for a casual and teen-y voice and references bits of pop culture that I suspect are over the heads of the book's intended teen audience. And Clementine, the main character, is at first so on-the-nose with her angst that I couldn't help feeling as though she'd been dumbed down for that same teen audience.

Then, instead of merely huddling in her guilt and grief, Clementine started talking to the people around her, and with each conversation, the characters, including Clementine, took on depth and dimension. When the reason for that guilt and grief finally revealed itself, I discovered that I wanted very much for her to come to grips with the consequences of her choices and find a way to forgive herself.

I enjoyed the love story, too---more than I usually do when it comes to contemporary young adult fiction---and I particularly liked that when Clementine finally started paying attention to the world and the people around her, she discovered that other people were in the midst of their own difficult journeys.

I'm glad I picked this up. It's not perfect, but I grew to love the characters and wish the best for them. And it provided an always-needed reminder that relationships ebb and flow and that sometimes the hardest thing to do is forgive yourself for your mistakes and keep trying.
… (mer)
slimikin | 26 andra recensioner | Mar 27, 2022 |
Ashes to Ashes set up all of the problems that get resolved in Dust to Dust. Callie has woken up from her coma and slowly realizes that she really has experienced the Prism where the dead hang in limbo until their loved ones are ready to let them go. As Callie tries to readjust to the life among the living, Leo and Reena become more and more of a threat to the safety of Callie's friend, Carson. Callie's love for Nick has faded into a friendship that she finds extremely valuable and a new character, Dylan, has answers to many of the questions that Callie has been asking herself.

This story takes on a different tone than Ashes to Ashes because most of it takes place in the real world where the problems that they face are truly life and death. The ending wasn't necessarily to my liking but is was really the only way the story could have gone. Satisfying if not happy. A good read.
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ftbooklover | Oct 12, 2021 |
Ashes to Ashes begins with an interesting premise. Callie lost her mother when she was six. Since then, she has had a less than open relationship with her father, but enjoys a loving best friend, Carson, and a boyfriend, Nick, that she is in love with. Her father buys her a new car which she wrecks in an attempt to find a thrill that is missing in her life. In the wreck, she dies and goes to a place called the Prism where the dead go to help their loved ones deal with the death by "haunting" them. Many of the ghosts in the Prism want to use Callie's energy to find a way to take possession of the bodies of the living to come back to life. Thatcher, Callie's spirit guide, tries to protect her from those who would use her for nefarious reasons.
I found this book frustrating. So many topics are raised in this book, but almost none are addressed, even by the end of the book. Apparently there is a sequel, but that isn't clear until the last page of the book, leaving the reader frustrated by the lack of progress the book makes.
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ftbooklover | 3 andra recensioner | Oct 12, 2021 |



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