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Out of books by Rachel Hartman; I’m following Mandy Williams, the narrator of Rachel’s books. This seems to be a romance woven around a love of ballroom dancing—add in a couple of dashing suitors (one evil, one not), a dash of ancestry and family, sprinkle in a beautiful location, and presto: Story!…made all the more interesting of course, by Mandy’s reading.
TraSea | 106 andra recensioner | Apr 29, 2024 |
Good fairy tale retelling for kids. I found the story charming and I laughed out loud quite a few times. Overall, this is a cute coming-of-age, christmas, love story.
ZetaRiemann | 2 andra recensioner | Apr 4, 2024 |
I'm always up for re-told tales of lesser known fairy tales. ENTWINED happens to be a re-telling of "The Twelve Dancing Princesses", which seems to have picked up in favor in the last few years (I do believe this is the third or fourth novel I've read based on it!), which pleases me since its one of my favorites.

There's a charm to the novel that I found entrancing as Dixon weaves not just a story about 12 Princesses forced to dance night after night, but 12 Princesses who find peace in the dancing. Who at first welcome it because its a means of staying close to their deceased mother who taught them to love it. Grief plays a large part in the book as it blinds their father (the King) and blinds the Princesses to the danger they so willingly embrace.

Azalea, the oldest, is nominally what the book focuses on, but in truth Dixon tries to give the girls as a collective center stage. They are a tightly knit group despite their large number, given to petty childish grievances and sibling slights, but dependent on one and other just the same. I liked that there was a unity to their characters, but also a spark of individualism as well. Bramble with her quick smiles and quicker wit, Clover with her serious nature and Azalea who strives to be just like her mother.

The romance is understated and treated with modesty; the plot concerns itself more with detailing how the girls respond to their mother's death, the change in their lives and how Azalea's Faustian bargain effects them. I admit I wanted more romance, but therein is the catch--Azalea begins the book concerned with dancing, parties and worry over her future husband. Its not that she's flighty or immature, she takes on the responsibilities of her being her father's hostess and role model to her sisters while her mother wastes away from sickness. She is however a young woman, with only one certainty in her future--she'll marry whoever the Council decides to be King. Dancing gives her a joy and parties mean dancing.

There are amusing moments, sad moments and grim moments, but the book ends itself on a happier note. A happily ever after is achieved for a fair amount of the girls, despite some eye-brow raising (like Clover's suitor) and I was satisfied that the girls were not just pretty pieces of fluff waiting to be rescued.
… (mer)
lexilewords | 106 andra recensioner | Dec 28, 2023 |
I had a really hard time getting into this, it just didn't capture my interest at all and the only reason I even finished this was because I was listening to it on audio. I really wanted to like the story, especially since the cover is so beautiful but that just further proves the statement "you can't judge a book by its cover." I was just bored with this one all the way through, so much so I found myself having to actually reread certain parts because my attention wondered away from the book and I didn't know what just happened. Some parts were confusing as well, like when the girls talked about having hand me downs and being poor, yet they're princess, their father is a king and it sounds like they live in a huge, magical palace. WTH? I was also confused about what happened to the keeper at the end. I don't think it was explained that well. Overall, it wasn't absolutely horrible (which is why it's not a 1 star) but it just wasn't for me. Hopefully someone else likes it more.… (mer)
VanessaMarieBooks | 106 andra recensioner | Dec 10, 2023 |




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