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Catriona Ward

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Inkluderar namnet: Catriona Ward (author)

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Washington, D.C., USA



Another mind bender by Ward, although for some reason, I liked it less than previous books--perhaps the magical aspect of the plot didn't quite work for me. Though when I got to the end, and realized how I had been tricked, I wanted to reread it right away. Great characters, very evocative setting, nice insights into the act of writing.
sturlington | 7 andra recensioner | Apr 26, 2024 |
It starts out slow telling a twisted tale of experiments on dogs, then it explodes into a story with multiply twists and turns to the last page.
caanderson | 20 andra recensioner | Apr 25, 2024 |
Es lo mejor que he leído este 2021 y de lo mejor que podré leer nunca. En mi top de lecturas que te vuelan la cabeza. No tengo palabras.

No busqueis info sobre la trama, simplemente disfrutad la novela.
Cabask | 79 andra recensioner | Mar 27, 2024 |
Possible Triggers: Domestic Violence
Rob Cussen lives in a beautiful California suburb with her handsome husband Irving and two daughters, Callie and Annie. Her life is beginning to become undone, and the cracks are beginning to show. Irving cheats on her constantly, and while Annie, the youngest and her favorite, is the sweetest child, she worries about the strange, friendless twelve-year-old Callie. Still, she’s determined to give the girls a normal, "All-American" life...a type of life that she had been denied. So-what if it means putting up with the increasingly violent Irving, whose bitterness toward her no longer emerges just through his cheating. These two have knock-down, drag-out fights that sometimes have Rob running for her life. Still, she can't bring herself to leave him. She’s determined to stay in this nightmare of a marriage...are you ready for this? To give her daughters a "stable??", family life with both parents. This was the first of many times that I wanted to hit her upside the head with the book!! Then an incident between her children occurs that forces her to finally face the truth that she’s been trying to hide. Shocked into action by the violence she witnesses between her girls, she decides to take Callie, the main instigator, back with her to her family’s home out in the Mojave Desert. The reader gets both sides of the story both from Rob and Callie’s perspectives. The story is a frightening puzzle of a novel that unfolds in overlapping layers as Rob struggles with the need for both supremacy and survival...especially from her eldest daughter. Her past has marked her, but is Callie destined to the same fate or is Rob just giving in to the madness and paranoia in trying to "save her child? I was surprised by how few of the plot twists I could see in this tale of this complicated, terrible family and the ghosts of the past that haunted them. Rob and Callie are difficult, almost impossible characters to like, but by the end, I was more invested in them both. The author has managed to cleverly unravel this families seemingly terrible decisions in such unexpected yet realistic ways, making this one of the most startlingly convincing novels I have ever read.… (mer)
Carol420 | 20 andra recensioner | Mar 7, 2024 |



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