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Robert Penn Warren (1905–1989)

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Robert Penn Warren, the first Poet Laureate of the United States, was an unusually versatile writer who tried his hand at almost every kind of literature. In all of these forms, he achieved recognition and distinction, but it is as a poet, critic, and novelist that he was most widely known. Writing visa mer almost always about his native South, Warren produced 10 novels and a collection of short stories, The Circus in the Attic and Other Stories (1948). By far the most successful of his novels is All the King's Men (1946), the story of a southern politician and demagogue named Willie Stark, which Warren based on the rise and fall of Huey Long. Warren was considered one of the most influential of the New Critics, whose influence on the teaching of literature in American schools and universities during the late 1940s and 1950s could scarcely be overestimated. Because All the King's Men seemed to be the very epitome of what a good work of literature should be in New Critical terms---a complicated but highly readable narrative filled with irony and ambiguity---the novel came to be used widely in courses on modern fiction. It won both the Pulitzer Prize and the Southern Authors Award in 1947. Warren's other novels are disappointing by comparison. Following the success of All the King's Men, however, Warren seemed to turn to more loosely told stories about dramatic and romantic subjects, such as the interracial theme of Band of Angels (1955) or the natural catastrophes that serve as the crisis background for The Cave (1959) and Flood: A Romance of Our Time (1964). Wilderness: A Tale of the Civil War (1961) is an allegory of a man's spiritual quest for truth about himself and the world. Meet Me in the Green Glen (1971), the story of a tragic love affair, seemed to mark a return to the tighter structure and more complex artistry of Warren's earlier novels, but A Place to Come To (1977), his last novel, in which an elderly and renowned scholar who seems to owe much to Warren himself looks back on his family's past in an effort to find the meaning of his life, struck some reviewers as a confused and tired work. Sometime midway through his career as a novelist it is as if Warren stopped thinking of himself as a southern writer in the tradition of William Faulkner and turned instead to Thomas Wolfe for inspiration. Although in retrospect that switch must be regretted, no one can deny the immense influence of Robert Penn Warren on modern letters. Warren's poetry is intellectual, rich in powerful images, and has its roots in the pre-Civil War South. He continued to write impressive poetry almost until the time of his death. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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All the King's Men (1946) 7,167 exemplar
Short Story Masterpieces (1954) — Redaktör — 659 exemplar
Understanding Poetry (1938) 357 exemplar
A Place to Come To (1977) 333 exemplar
Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce (1983) 317 exemplar
Remember the Alamo! (1958) 266 exemplar
World Enough and Time (1950) 262 exemplar
Band of Angels (1955) 255 exemplar
Wilderness (1961) 166 exemplar
Flood (1960) 134 exemplar
The Legacy of the Civil War (1961) 130 exemplar
Night Rider (1939) 129 exemplar
Understanding Fiction (1943) 117 exemplar
The Cave (1959) 108 exemplar
Selected poems 1923-1975 (1976) 88 exemplar
An Approach to Literature (1939) 82 exemplar
At Heaven's Gate (1943) 81 exemplar
A Robert Penn Warren Reader (1987) 68 exemplar
Who Speaks for the Negro? (1965) 67 exemplar
Meet Me in the Green Glen (1971) 65 exemplar
Being Here: Poetry (1980) 60 exemplar
Rumor Verified: Poems (1981) 48 exemplar
New and Selected Essays (1989) 44 exemplar
Now and Then: Poems 1976-78 (1978) 39 exemplar
All the King's Men: A Play (1959) 38 exemplar
Randall Jarrell, 1914-1965 (1967) — Redaktör — 35 exemplar
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The Scope of Fiction (1960) — Author & Editor — 25 exemplar
Selected Essays (1958) 24 exemplar
Audubon, a vision (1969) 24 exemplar
Or Else - Poems 1968-74 (1974) 24 exemplar
Modern Rhetoric {Third Edition} (1977) — Author & Editor — 19 exemplar
Portrait Of A Father (1988) 18 exemplar
Modern Rhetoric {Fourth Edition} (1979) — Author & Editor — 18 exemplar
The Essential Melville (1987) 17 exemplar
The gods of Mount Olympus (1959) 13 exemplar
Modern Rhetoric {Shorter Edition} (1961) — Author & Editor — 12 exemplar
Incarnations; poems, 1966-1968 (1968) 12 exemplar
Promises: Poems 1954-1956 (1957) 12 exemplar
Modern Rhetoric {Shorter Third Edition} (1977) — Author & Editor — 11 exemplar
Stories from six authors (1960) — Bidragsgivare — 11 exemplar
A New Southern Harvest (1957) 10 exemplar
Modern Rhetoric {First Edition} (1949) — Author & Editor — 7 exemplar
Modern Rhetoric {Second Edition} (1958) — Author & Editor — 6 exemplar
Amantha (1959) 3 exemplar
La Grande Forêt (2017) 3 exemplar
2007 2 exemplar
The Ballad of Billie Potts (2017) 2 exemplar
Blackberry Winter (1946) 2 exemplar
Coro de angeles 1 exemplar
BAND OF ANGELS (1955) 1 exemplar
Christmas Gift 1 exemplar
La caverne 1 exemplar
“Bearded Oaks” 1 exemplar
“Audubon” 1 exemplar
“Mortal Limit” 1 exemplar
Six poems 1 exemplar
Two Poems 1 exemplar
Det store bedrag 1 exemplar
Thirty-six poems 1 exemplar

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Robert Penn Warren's Brother to Dragons: A Discussion (1983) — Bidragsgivare — 2 exemplar
The Ethnic Image in Modern American Literature, 1900-1950 (1984) — Bidragsgivare — 1 exemplar
32 Współczesne Opowiadania Amerykańskie - Tom I — Bidragsgivare — 1 exemplar


Allmänna fakta

Willis Cemetery, Stratton, Vermont, USA
Guthrie, Kentucky, USA
Stratton, Vermont, USA
Guthrie, Kentucky, USA
Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
Stratton, Vermont, USA
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Vanderbilt University (BA | 1925)
University of California, Berkeley ( [1926])
Yale University (1928)
Oxford University ( [1930])
Citizens Military Training Corp, Fort Knox, Kentucky
Clarksville High School, Clarksville, Tennessee (visa alla 7)
Guthrie School
short-story writer
literary critic
editor (visa alla 8)
Clark, Eleanor (echtg.)
Warren, Rosanna (dochter)
Brooks, Cleanth (vriend)
Lytle, Andrew (vriend)
Taylor, Peter Hillsman (vriend)
Erskine, Albert (vriend) (visa alla 10)
Davidson, Donald (leraar)
Jarrell, Randall (leerling)
Mims, Edwin (leraar)
Warren, Noah (kleinzoon)
The Fugitives
The Agrarians
Fellowship of Southern Writers (charter member)
American Academy of Poets ( [1950])
American Academy of Poets ( [1972])
American Academy of Arts and Letters (1959) (visa alla 12)
American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1975)
American Philosophical Society (1952)
National Institute of Arts and Letters (1950)
Century Association (1958)
Modern Language Association
The Southern Review (co-founder ∙ editor-in-chief)
Priser och utmärkelser
Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress (1944-1945)
Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress (1986-1987)
Presidential Medal of Freedom (1980)
Bollingen Prize (1967)
Jefferson Lecture (1974)
Gold Medal for Poetry ( [1985]) (visa alla 27)
Emerson-Thoreau Medal (1975)
Distinguished Alumnus Award ( [1950])
National Arts Foundation Award (1968)
National Medal of Arts (1987)
National Medal of Literature (1970)
Founder's Medalist (1925)
Award for Distinction in Literature ( [1973])
Ten Best Teachers Award ( [1972])
Creative Arts Award ( [1984])
Shelley Memorial Award (1943)
MacArthur Prize (1981)
Wilma and Roswell Messing, Jr., Award ( [1977])
Phi Beta Kappa (1925)
Rhodes Scholar (1928-1930)
Guggenheim Fellowship
Warren-Brooks Award
Robert Penn Warren Award for Fiction
Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities (Vanderbilt University)
English Committee of the Board of Overseers of Harvard College (1967-68)
U.S. Naval Academy (declined due to injury)
Only poet to have served twice as U.S. Poet Laureate
Kort biografi
Robert Penn Warren is the only person to have won Pulitzer Prizes for both fiction and poetry. He served twice as Poet Laureate of the United States.



This is impressive, and it's clear why it won the Pulitzer for fiction. The prose flows beautifully, and the banter and schemes and relationships are captivating and infuriating
KallieGrace | 126 andra recensioner | Nov 29, 2023 |
650 pages of poetry. I'm sure it is the masterpiece it is said to be, but for me it was a real slog.
nogomu | 126 andra recensioner | Oct 19, 2023 |
from Chaucer to Yeats
SrMaryLea | Aug 22, 2023 |


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