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I wanted to believe that a book trounced by BookTok to be a mix between Hades and Persephone and Beauty and the Beast would be something I would highly enjoy. The book was meant to meet all of my expectations but this book was more of a letdown than anything.

Wren really grated on my nerves. I know what she did for her sister was out of love and protection, but she should also realize that the situation she placed herself in was also by her own power. Instead of making use of her time and learning about why Boreas needs a wife every thirty (?) years, she makes trouble for EVERYONE. Not just for the Frost King but for her own maid and everyone within her path. I could not stand her at all. Her character does not gain any character growth, at least that is my opinion, nor do I ever feel any connection with her.

I did feel sorry for Boreas because much like Hades within the Underworld, he has a duty to keep things going like a well-oiled machine. The only thing I did not understand is why he needed a wife every thirty years nor what happened to his last wife. We get a vague storyline having to do with Zephyrus. And if he was having problems with Bringer of Spring, why did he even allow him into his home? I did not understand that. If he was behind the death of my own wife, I would never allow him IN MY HOME OR NEAR MY WIFE. Did he not learn from past mistakes?

I loved the idea pertaining to the world and its characters, but their entire storyline and half of the world seemed vague and lacking. It felt disconnected and although there were some recognitions from the Underworld, it was not enough to give it any character.

Maybe book two might be better.
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Revengelyne | 2 andra recensioner | May 25, 2023 |
God, no. Don't trust the glowing reviews. This went from promising to hot garbage as soon as the main protagonist arrived at creep dudes castle. Also there's nothing romantic about choking with intent to harm and locking someone up??? Wtf. Also, I grew up with an alcoholic. This author has never met one nor researched.
HotPinkMess | 2 andra recensioner | Jul 31, 2022 |
I love Greek mythology so I thought this was going to be a good fit for me, but sadly, it wasn't for me. The book borrows heavily from ACOTR and some other YA romantic fantasy tropes which is fine by me if the author does something original with the ideas. However, the story was such a mess that the plot never really went anywhere. I never really understood so many things as others have noted. Boreas needs a wife to keep the wall solid but then stops after two times. His relationship with his brother is never explained, nor is the dark walkers explained well, and so many other things. It's also a slow story with a lot of just traveling around that didn't mean much to the overall plot but just stretched it out.
The romance was just weird. How Boreas was ever attracted to Wren I couldn't fathom, though we never get his POV so I'm putting it down to desperate lust after not having a wife for a while. He does exhibit some character growth and becomes fairly decent by the end of the book though I couldn't understand his motives most of the time.
Wren is the most unlikeable heroine I think I've ever read. She's a sloppy crass drunkard who eats with her mouth open and wears wrinkled vomit-covered clothes and thinks its funny. Yet everyone loves her - ugh! She acts without thinking but is always forgiven, no matter how much she screws up.
I think there's a lot of potential in telling stories around Greek myths but this story wasn't it.
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N.W.Moors | 2 andra recensioner | Mar 18, 2022 |
A YA dark fantasy series inspired by Inuit mythology.

Consider me HERE FOR THIS.
rjcrunden | Feb 2, 2021 |



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