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Jane Werner Watson (1915–2004)

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My Little Golden Book About God (1993) 1,571 exemplar
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Den duniga ankungen (1949) 677 exemplar
The Little Golden Book of Hymns (1947) 488 exemplar
Askungen (1950) — Adapted by, vissa utgåvor359 exemplar
Wonders of Nature (1957) 348 exemplar
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Birds (1958) 278 exemplar
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My Big Book of the Outdoors (1958) 109 exemplar
The Tall Book of Make-Believe (1950) 89 exemplar
Walt Disney's Mary Poppins (1963) 72 exemplar
The Jungle Book (A Little Golden Book) (1967) — Adaptor — 67 exemplar
Snövit och de sju dvärgarna (1948) — Adapter — 64 exemplar
Musse Pigg och rymdraketen (1952) 62 exemplar
Musse Pigg i TV (1956) 61 exemplar
The Golden Mother Goose (1948) 56 exemplar
Animal Tales: A Little Golden Book Collection (2004) — Författare — 51 exemplar
Walt Disney's The Lucky Puppy (1960) 49 exemplar
Sometimes I'm Afraid (1971) 47 exemplar
The Happy Little Whale (1960) 44 exemplar
Sometimes I Get Angry (1971) 42 exemplar
Musse Pigg köper julklappar (1953) 37 exemplar
Walt Disney's Cinderella (1950) — Bidragsgivare, vissa utgåvor33 exemplar
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My Friend the Dentist (1972) 22 exemplar
My First Golden Encyclopedia (1969) 21 exemplar
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Pets for Peter (1950) 18 exemplar
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Sometimes a Family Has to Move (1988) 16 exemplar
Jimmy Cricket (1956) 15 exemplar
Good Morning Good Night (1948) 15 exemplar
Farbror Joakims julafton (1960) 14 exemplar
Ethiopia: Mountain Kingdom (1966) — Författare — 14 exemplar
Houses (1955) 14 exemplar
Walt Disney's Darby O'Gill (1959) 14 exemplar
Iran: Crossroads of Caravans (1966) 13 exemplar
Egypt: Child of the Nile (1967) 13 exemplar
Bugs Bunny and the Indians (1951) 12 exemplar
Good Night (1983) 11 exemplar
Albert's Zoo: A Stencil Book (1951) 11 exemplar
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India Celebrates! (1974) 10 exemplar
India: Old Land, New Nation (1966) 10 exemplar
Greece: Land of Golden Light (1967) 10 exemplar
The Marvelous Merry-Go-Round (1950) 9 exemplar
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My body--how it works (1750) 7 exemplar
The New Golden Encyclopedia (1963) 7 exemplar
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Japan: Islands of the Rising Sun (1968) — Författare — 6 exemplar
The Book of W X Y Z (1965) 5 exemplar
The Book of P Q (1965) 5 exemplar
The Book of R (1965) 5 exemplar
The Book of F 4 exemplar
A Parade of Soviet Holidays (1974) 4 exemplar
The Book of M 4 exemplar
The Book of T U V (1965) 4 exemplar
The Book of G H 4 exemplar
The Golden Book of Trains (1953) 4 exemplar
The Mystery of the Gold Ring (1976) 4 exemplar
Dance to a Happy Song (1973) 4 exemplar
The Book of I J K (1965) 4 exemplar
The Book of B (1965) 3 exemplar
Bugs Bunny's Book (1951) 3 exemplar
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The Golden Treasure Book (1951) 3 exemplar
The Book of A 2 exemplar
The Book of D E (1965) 2 exemplar
Parties for All Occasions (1941) 2 exemplar
Deserts of the World (1981) 2 exemplar
How Old Is It? (1962) 2 exemplar
The Book of D E 2 exemplar
Rescue! 2 exemplar
Aesop's Fables 1 exemplar
The Book of T U V 1 exemplar
The Book if I J K 1 exemplar
Frosty the Snowman 1 exemplar
Susie's New Stove 1 exemplar
Iran: Crossroads of Caravans (1968) 1 exemplar
The Seaver Story 1 exemplar
Living Desert 1 exemplar
wings of the morning (1946) 1 exemplar
My Colour Book of Geography (1969) 1 exemplar
Golden Geography 1 exemplar
Words to Know and Learn (1969) 1 exemplar
LA CASA DE LOS ANIMALES (1987) 1 exemplar
Noah's ark — Författare — 1 exemplar
Walt Disney's Seal Island (1958) 1 exemplar
Noah's ark, (1943) 1 exemplar
Big golden book 1 exemplar
The Book of IJK. (1965) 1 exemplar
The Everyday Atom (1959) 1 exemplar
Pörri, pieni ankanpoika (2012) 1 exemplar

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Allmänna fakta

Andra namn
Werner, Elsa Jane
Werner, Jane
Bedford, Annie North
Hill, Monica
Nast, Ella Ruth
Jasner, W. K.
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA
New Delhi, India
University of Wisconsin (BA) (1936)
children's book author
publishing editor
Western Publishing, Simon & Schuster (Employeur)
Walt Disney Productions (Employeur)
Kort biografi
Annie North Bedford was a pseudonym used at Little Golden Books by Jane Werner Watson. The name is a play on her employer's address on the West Coast.

"Annie North Bedford" was a pseudonym for the collaboration between writer Jane Werner and illustrator Corinne Malvern.



Independent Reading Level: Grade K-2
Awards: N/a
Yamilet2023 | 3 andra recensioner | Dec 5, 2023 |
My copy of The Little Golden Book of HYMNS is the 11th printing, which came out in 1975. I'm going to list the hymns by title, lyricist, and composer. The hymns included are:

A Prayer for Help by Elisabeth McE. Shields and Claude T. Carr

The Creation by Johnie B. Wood (both music & words)

Jesus Loves Me by Anna B. Warner and William B. Bradbury

All Things Bright and Beautiful by Cecil Frances Alexander (adapted from a Danish folk song)

God is Love by Frances Weld Danielson and Grace Wilbur Conant

Joy in Every Heart by Mabel J. Rosemon and M. Isabelle Ritter

Flowers Below and Stars Above by Bertha Marilda Rhodes (old folk song)

Sleep, Little Seed by Louise M. Oglevee and William G. Oglevee

Downy Little Snowflakes by Louise M. Oglevee and William G. Oglevee

A Christmas Prayer by Calvin W. Laufer and MIldred Adair

I'll be a Sunbeam by Nellie Talbot and E. O. Excell

Growing by Grace Wilbur Conant

Away in a Manger by Martin Luther (words and music)

Evening Prayer by Miriam Drury (adapted the words, composed the music)

I'm Catholic and I do not recognize most of these hymans. Still, the illustrations are pretty.
… (mer)
JalenV | Jul 17, 2023 |
Out looking for pumpkins to be turned into jack-o-lanterns, Donald Duck and his three nephews observe what appears to be a witch in flight in this Disney picture-book from the 1950s. Scoffing at the very idea of witches, Donald Duck assures his nephews that there is no such thing. Not convinced, Hughie, Louie and Dewey set out to find the witch the next day, and when they succeed, they decided to play a Halloween trick on their uncle, with the help of Witch Hazel...

Published in 1953 as part of the Little Golden Books line, Walt Disney's Donald Duck and the Witch, was apparently based upon the 1952 animated short film, Trick or Treat. In the film Witch Hazel aids the boys when their uncle plays a trick on them, rather than giving them treats when they come Trick or Treating one Halloween night. By contrast, in the book the issue is Donald Duck's non-belief in witches and his nephews' mischievous desire to play a trick on him. The story is fun, and sure to please young Halloween lovers, as well as fans of these characters. As someone who grew up mostly sans Disney, this was my first encounter with Witch Hazel, but having enjoyed the book and the film (which I found on youtube), I will have to see whether the character recurred in subsequent adventures.… (mer)
AbigailAdams26 | Jun 4, 2023 |
charlesspeed | 10 andra recensioner | May 13, 2023 |



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