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American children's book author and illustrator David Wiesner was born in Bridgewater, New Jersey on February 5, 1956. He graduated with a BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design. Known for his imaginative work, Wiesner is particularly celebrated for using wordless storytelling in visa mer his picture books. His latest picture book is about two artists; it is entitled, Art & Max. "Sector 7" and "Free Fall" are Caldecott Honor Books, while Wiesner won the prestigious Caldecott Medal for "Tuesday" (1992), "The Three Pigs" (2002), and "Flotsam" (2007). Wiesner is only the second person to have won this award three times. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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Verk av David Wiesner

Tuesday (1991) 4,466 exemplar
Flotsam (2006) 3,132 exemplar
The Three Pigs (2001) 2,248 exemplar
Free Fall (1988) 1,394 exemplar
June 29, 1999 (1992) 1,234 exemplar
Art & Max (2010) 1,134 exemplar
Sector 7 (1999) 1,110 exemplar
Mr. Wuffles! (2013) 1,002 exemplar
Hurricane (1990) 652 exemplar
Fish Girl (2017) 208 exemplar
I Got It! (2018) 85 exemplar
Gonna Roll the Bones (2004) 55 exemplar
Robobaby (2020) 44 exemplar
Books 1 exemplar
Hab ihn! (2018) 1 exemplar
Veggies 1 exemplar

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Neptune Rising: Songs and Tales of the Undersea Folk (1982) — Illustratör — 57 exemplar
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Wiesner, David
Rhode Island School of Design



Hm....hmmm. "I control the fish girl" Neptune the fisherman proclaims to an unsuspecting crowd of visitors, visitors of his magnificent aquarium of untold treasures. The most valuable one is an adolescent mermaid who can't talk. An adolescent mermaid who was raised by a man that calls her his treasure. No she doesn't get a name. She gets to be his pet, his main attraction. This book is disturbingly normal. It reminds me of a fable or fairy tale meant to be a cautionary tale, but ironically most people find it more entertaining than scary. You have a grown-ass man build a whole aquarium to house a kidnapped mermaid. He tells her stories about her people as payment for going along with his rouse. She plays hide and seek with the guest,making sure they don't see her. They drop coins into the tank and she collects them. Everybody wins! But there is trouble in the horizon when he finds out about her only human friend, Livia. Who tries to tell her mom, but is promptly ignored. Mira, the name Lucia assigns to her knew friend is tired of being imprisoned and ventures out and discovers she wants to be apart of the human… (mer)
OnniAdda | 18 andra recensioner | Nov 22, 2023 |
Independent reading level: Prek-3rd
Awards: Caldecott award
acarrion0402 | 336 andra recensioner | Nov 3, 2023 |
Currently in casa oct 6
IMS473 | 86 andra recensioner | Oct 6, 2023 |
This wordless picture book tells through illustrative detail the story of a young boy who finds a camera washed up on the beach. After developing the film from the camera, the boy discovers secrets of the undersea world and life spanning across different parts of the world and through time. Readers will enjoy studying the intricacies of each page as they unravel the journey of the camera. Winner of the 2007 Caldecott Medal.
KristiLM | 513 andra recensioner | Jul 27, 2023 |



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