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Fran Wilde was born in 1973 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a BA in English with Honors, Warren Wilson College with a MFA in poetry, and the University of Baltimore with a Masters in Information Architecture and Interior Design. Her previous jobs visa mer included a sailing instructor, Jewel's assistant, teacher, professor, and web and game developer. She writes for the blog GeekMom and runs the blog and podcast for Cooking the Books. She writes short stories and novels. Some of her short stories include Bent the Wing, Dark the Cloud, published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, The Ghost Tide Chantey on, You are Two Point Three Meters from Your Destination, published in Uncanny, and How to Walk through Historic Graveyards in the Digital Age, published in Asimov's Science Fiction. Her novel Updraft (2015) won the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy (2016). Her other novel is Cloudbound (2016). (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

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Though initially delighted to get my hands on an advanced copy of Riverland, I soon felt burdened by the task of getting through what I had expected to be a fun and fast read. It strikes me as one of those books that simply should have been better. The author seems to be smart and a good writer. She presents an interesting concept with lots of unique elements to make it stick out, but somewhere in the writing process it must have just fallen apart.

The way the story unravels is the real heart of the matter. During the sisters's first journey to the magical other-world, the stakes are set pretty high; the boundaries between reality and the world of dreams are collapsing, and it is our heroines's responsibility to fix it. I strapped myself in for a tense fantasy with lots of harrowing near-misses and a constant clock ticking down to doomsday. But then the girls go back to their world and just... Go about their normal lives for a couple days? Most of the subsequent returns to the dream-world, a place they can only visit at night lest they get trapped there, are spent just lazily touring around, and these visits always end with a mad dash back to their world. The emotions that any one chapter were meant to evoke in the reader felt totally incongruous.

For a while, I thought Fran Wilde was employing a clever gimmick by having the tone of and movement through the dream-world reflect how time often unwinds at weird rates in dreams. In the same way, I assumed Wilde's poetic writing style and her descriptions that managed to be both very specific and fuzzy-'round-the-edges were a part of a dream motif. Since neither of these were ever proven to be on purpose, I assume they were just flukes.

For what it's worth, Wilde does capture the inner world of an abused child well. Both sisters are hyper-aware of their mistakes, because they've grown up in a context where any error has dire consequences. They use imagination as a coping mechanism. They also condemn all anger, even the normal and healthy kind, because of their associations with their raging father. As a librarian, I welcome books that will expose kids to real-life struggles. Riverland could have been a good resource for children in messy family situations, but I fear the odd style and pacing will make it inaccessible to the kids who need it most.
… (mer)
boopingaround | 7 andra recensioner | Mar 6, 2024 |
This book was very much an impulse purchase at ConFusion, heavily influenced by the fact that it was blurbed by Carlos Hernandez on the back.

It was fine. I read it out loud to the whole family for one of our bedtime story books, and the kids liked it. My sense of justice was strongly violated by all the stealing, and nastiness, and the complete lack of concern for the impacts of their actions on others, on the part of both human and goblin characters. Basically I neither liked nor cared about anyone in this book.

There have been a number of family story time books that one or both of the kids have noted out of because they thought a character was too mean or too negative, but they had nary a complaint about this one, so it could entirely be a matter of I am not the intended audience for this one.

But I was stressed out by this book basically 100% of the time.
… (mer)
greeniezona | 2 andra recensioner | Aug 1, 2023 |
Jorit, branded as a thief, and Ania a fugitive librarian, flop through time dragged by an sapient opal jeweled clock fleeing the Pressmen. Even for a time travel narrative it's confusing and opaque. Not a bad read, but don't expect clarity in your gems.
quondame | 1 annan recension | Jun 8, 2023 |
Magical realist story about two sisters. It's not quite a fairy tale, it's not quite a way to process abuse. It's about the power of stories.
tornadox | 7 andra recensioner | Feb 14, 2023 |



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