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New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and international bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for stimulating tales about sexy men and strong women. Her bestselling titles include Alpha, Stripped, Wounded, and the #1 international bestseller, Falling into visa mer You.. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

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Although I thought I wouldn’t like this book because it was a novella (something I didn’t realize until I started it), I gave it a read. I really enjoyed the Alpha series that Jasinda wrote, and somehow thought that this would be another chapter that included everyone I had grown to love. Alas, I was wrong—kind of.

Alpha, Beta, and Omega really need to be read before this book. Jasinda practically lays it out in her choice of cover for the book. It matches the covers of the Alpha trilogy so much that I thought that this would actually be another sequel and not an introduction to a spin-off.

The long and short of the plot in this 90 page book is that Nick Harris and Layla Campari who were prominent in Alpha, Beta, and Omega have moved to Colorado to live at the compound that serves as both home and home base of operations to Nicks elite firm Alpha One Security.

While Nick and his squad of a handful of the best of the best, the scariest of the scariest in the field of black ops, spying and other mercenary fields go off on “missions” taking care of jobs for the wealthy and elite who can afford him, Layla has been relegated to managing the paperwork and the office. She has both grown bored of cooling her heels while Nick goes out and has all the fun, and misses her man while he is away, which is often. She feels she could be an asset to his detail and spends no little time trying to seduce, manipulate, sweet-talk, convince, argue and use any other tool at her disposal to try and convince Nick of this. In the end, she channels the spirit of Lucy Ricardo to hatch a plan of action to simply show up and get in on the act. Like Ricky, Nick is simply doing his best to stay one step ahead of her in the belief that she hasn’t got what it takes to join his team.

This is why you need to have read Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Unless you have read the books that have Layla and Nick’s backstory as well as the challenges they faced, you will hate Layla. That’s it. You will hate her and wish her dead. You will yell at her about not listening to Nick, and question why some woman from Detroit believes that she has what it takes to join an elite team of former spies, mercs, and military men. You will hate that she just won’t listen. You will question why Nick is with her in the first place. I want you to like this book, because this seems like it will be a good series. If you have read those books, then you will like this one.

This story sets up Nick and Layla for some serious growth. It also gives us a glimpse into the future of the series (or side character detours in the series) when we learn bits and pieces about the seriously competent and scary men that Nick has hired, the men who make up Alpha One Security; and will most likely have their own books. It seems that way since each one is described in such a way that it would take a whole book to learn about them. Also, there is a teaser chapter after the main read for the book “Thresh”…yup, we will get to read about Thresh…the only man who could make the Terminator look like a puss.

Don’t think that this is a spoiler because we all saw this coming back in Omega.

Now, I get to what you really want to know. Is there sex? If there is, is it anywhere near what we were spoiled with in the Alpha series? I feel you. I was right there. It was one of the main reasons why I was pissed when I learned the book was only 150 pages, after I settled in to read what I thought was a full length read. The answer is yes. Not only is there hot monkey sex, there are a solid three scenes. They are just what you have come to expect from the series. Also, you want to know if Valentine and Kyrie make an appearance, and the answer is no. They are firmly ensconced where they were left in Omega. However, keep reading past the credits and you will find out what is going on with them.

Alpha One may be a 90-page read after taking out the after story additions with chapter teasers and whatnot, but somehow it didn’t feel like a short read. Jasinda made the best use of the shortened length and didn’t bog it down with unnecessary tension and side distractions. She focused on what was important set up the series with a follow up chapter on the next book, delivered the check in on Valentine and Kyrie’s and still managed to give us the definitive answer to the truth of Layla’s claims on not having an orgasm threshold. Plus there was this line that had me laughing over the visuals so much. Basically it’s the answer to the question….what is the first thing that Nick does once Layla untied him?
… (mer)
Library_Breeder | 3 andra recensioner | Apr 27, 2024 |
Sexual Abuse/ Rape scenes that are graphic

Excessive Violence

Explicit Sexual Scenes

Mature Subject Matter

Alpha created mixed reactions among readers because many of Jasinda Wilder fans were used to the New Adult genre. She clearly classifies the book in the Erotic Romance genre. Many of her fans were expecting a romance that was similar to her New Adult and Contemporary novels where the formats focused on emotional angst and new love. Alpha clearly focused on the sensuality and sexual side that is expected in an Erotic Romance. If you are looking for a sensually hot read that has an strong element of suspense combined with erotic romance, Beta is the book to read.

Beta picks up where Alpha left off. Roth and Kyrie have built a strong relationship based upon love, respect, and chemistry. They are traveling the world and celebrating their newfound love for one another. All seems perfect in their lives until Roth’s past comes back to haunt them in a horrific way.

Roth has disappeared, people are trying to kill Kyrie, and she is stranded in France alone. One phone call to Roth’s security specialist, Harrison, sets the wheels in motion. Kyrie and Harrison will have to infiltrate the dark underworld of one of the most powerful crime families in the world. They will have to risk their lives to save Roth’s life.

Roth’s past has come back to claim him. His past business affairs and life style delved into the other side of legal business practices. Although he walked away from that world long ago, it still has a hold on him. He will suffer beyond belief for his past transgressions. He will do it willingly to keep Kyrie alive.

As the book progresses the readers will be on the edge of their seats. They will be appalled by the violence and acts of revenge carried out. It will take monumental planning and lethal execution by Harrison and his men to save Roth and Kyrie. It will take the strength of will to survive. It will take the strength of their love to heal the horrific atrocities they survived.

The love that Roth and Kyrie share is strong and resilient. Their commitment to one another is the only way to defeat their enemies. Their passion for one another will heal their souls.

Just when the reader feels good about Roth and Kyrie finally finding the peace they need for their future, Jasinda will drop the bomb. The ending is a cliffhanger that will make the readers scream for more.
… (mer)
b00kdarling87 | 3 andra recensioner | Jan 7, 2024 |
First off, I was pleasantly surprised to find that a new couple was given the majority of the spotlight. I absolutely LOVE Valentine and Kyrie but I felt that they were already put through so much in Beta that I couldn’t fathom much more. Don’t get me wrong, they get plenty of screen time and steamy scenes together but the stage is shared, as well as the narration.

Layla was included in the first two novels in this series as Kyrie’s best friend. I was excited to discover that I would have the opportunity to know her much better. Layla is an extremely tough woman. She doesn’t care about hurting feelings, mushy emotions, or telling it exactly how she views it. Layla is brash, abrasive, and often difficult to like since she has solid barriers surrounding every side. She has lived her life watching out for herself and refuses to rely on others.

Harris is best known as Roth’s right-hand-man and a guy you can trust to protect your life. He is impossible to get a read on since he never reveals any weakness or reaction, other than taking out the enemy. It was fascinating to dive into the complex layers that create his character. It was high time Harris got a little spice and light into his life. It doesn’t come easily of course but that is all part of the fun.

Vitaly is out for bloody revenge and is a constant threat. This novel offers up nonstop twists and turns, suspense and violence, retribution and action, thrills and drama, as well as plenty of passionate sex that Jasinda does best. I was constantly on edge and this story is truly an adventure. I can never get enough of this author’s exceptional writing. If you are searching for different and unique, make sure to snag up this series!
… (mer)
b00kdarling87 | 1 annan recension | Jan 7, 2024 |



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